Meet The Board

The following leaders who serve in various functions throughout World Prayr from our Executive Team to our Senior Advisory Team have also agreed to serve on our Board of Directors. Helping to be a part of the overall leadership team providing guidance, further accountability, support and direction for the ministry.

Rebecca Badstibner

Rebecca Badstibner is a rare breed as she was born and raised in South Florida. In fact her whole family goes back at least four generations of native Floridians. She is the wife of Senior Pastor Patrick Badstibner and mother of two wonderful grown daughters, Jessica and Michaela. She has been a successful business owner overseeing the human resources, books and office staff for her and Pastor Pat’s former company. She has also been a successful real estate agent in the upstate area of South Carolina where she now resides.

Those who know Pastor Pat and Becky say that if you want something built you go find Pat but if you want to enjoy a nice relaxing enjoyable evening you leave Pat home as he will be too busy anyway, and you take along Becky. One of their dearest friends once said “I would rather spend time with Becky than almost anyone else I know.” That is why serving as the Chief Relational Officer of World Prayr is the perfect spot for her. She also serves as Co – General Manager along with World Prayr Director Janice Burdsall who together are referred to as “Lucy and Ethel” of the FaithFactr Store. She also serves on our board of directors. You can get to know Rebecca on her Facebook page.

Janice Burdsall

Janice Burdsall is married to her best friend and soulmate Charlie and currently resides in the pacific Northwest. She has three grown children and four grandchildren. Janice has an extensive background in property management and real estate. As well as winning awards for team building. Janice serves as the Director of World Prayr Ministry.

She has along the way developed skills in marketing, budget finance, building teams, human resource management, project and budget targeting, management and marketing. While once serving and responsible for the hiring and firing of a large muli-million dollar company.

She now brings those skills, talents, and abilities to World Prayr. Which she feels God has prepared her for this role and challenge through the other experiences and roles she has been able to grow through. Where she serves as Director of World Prayr and along with Chief Relational Officer Rebecca Badstibner serves as Co – General Manager who together are referred to as “Lucy and Ethel” of the FaithFactr Store.

You can get to know Janice better on facebook at Janice Burdsall.

Dr Howard Brown

Dr Howard Brown spent his childhood years through high school in Kenya as the son of missionary parents. After completing his university training and obtaining his doctorate degree in African Studies.

He worked for 11 years in Kenya introducing American college students to African history, culture and development issues. Prior to his current job as Director of Grants at a top university in SC making him one of the top grant writer in the state.

He taught history and language at university level and high school levels and was high school principal of the largest Christian school in Dade County; Florida. He is married and has three children.

You can catch up with Howard on Facebook. Dr Brown is also a member of the board of World Prayr.

Pastor Bob Kimball

Pastor Bob Kimball became a follower of Christ in the summer of 1974. He graduated from a Bible College in 1981, was ordained, and worked at a Christian school for a year.

He then went back for more schooling and received a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, married, and moved to Atlanta in 1989. He is a manager in the IT department at T-Mobile. He's the father of special needs twins, which inspired his twitter name as dadofspeckids.

He has participated in music ministries in churches by singing in ensemble groups to lead worship. Bob now serves in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer at World Prayr. You can contact Pastor Bob at or Follow him on Twitter or Facebook. He is also chairman of the board of World Prayr.

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