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Luke 14:23

And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.

Philippians 2:4

Let each of you look not only to {their} own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Galatians 6:2

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Right away in watching the video you see that World Prayr is making an impact, it's team members consider it a family and this is our mission field. Why do we do what we do, are we making an impact, what's the story behind this amazing Ohana, what makes this ministry different and unique from others, well read on. Under each of the tabs below you will find the answers, further info and greater detail about World Prayr.

Hopefully as you learn more you will want to become a part or support the mission that World Prayr is on


World Prayr is no ONE man’s ministry. Those who serve in it understand that they have been bought with a tremendous sacrifice, at an impossible to comprehend price. We realize that the least we can do is try to live a true sacrificial life, accepting the fact that we will always fail, but He will not. Our greatest motivation, inspiration, should be simply that “He Loved Me First”.

World Prayr is not about numbers, things, and accomplishments as man values, judges, ranks them. It is about exactly what God is about- being “all-in” for ONE, just ONE. ONE at a time, ONE faith, ONE Savior, ONE hope, ONE purpose, ONE life, even as THREE in Him is still ONE. God desires, as does World Prayr, to connect with just one person, ONE at a time, “all-in” on His terms. This is not religion by numbers, it is Ministry for God!

Sure, World Prayr can quote lots of numbers

  • Began aggressively serving The One Most High since 2009.
  • Started with ONE servant, now have over 140.
  • Began in just the states and now reaches numerous countries (Last count 18), ministries, in numerous social media platforms.
  • Started with ONE follower on Twitter, now has over 70,000
  • Started with ONE mission- still have that one! Sometimes there is no need to expand on a great platform.
  • Started by just praying for one person now sees on the average 25 per day and 25 per hour on weekend and holidays.
  • Started with answering one serious need for a family about to be displaced – now sees on average 65 per month of serious needs. Needs like suicides, need a local church, post-abortions, depression, financial strain and hurt, just to name a few.

Our story is never about, nor focused on, numbers, it is simply about God. He alone does His will. We are merely honored, humbled, to serve at His discretion.

Godly success is not measured by numbers, finances, domestic or global influence, perceived value, but rather by kingdom obedience and building of said kingdom!

If our following has just ONE or Billions, we will always serve only ONE God.

World Prayr has nothing. We do nothing. We are nothing. Yet it is in our absolute emptiness, nothingness even, that God does all. How mind blowing is that?!

We could write a ton about US, but simply put, it’s NOT about US. God has written all that is needed to be read. God has done all that is needed to be done. God has a plan for World Prayr- one person at a time. Is it your time to join us for His purpose? Come check out what God is doing at World Prayr.
It’s a great team comprised of sinners/servants that are always looking to reach just one more person- All-In, for the ONE who gave all and who now calls us HIS beloved.



Nearly everyone loves a great story. Whether they; read, hear, watch or are the story, it gives them a chance to love, hope, relate and in some cases, escape. We have one that covers them all.

One of World Prayrs key differentials is our focus on building relationships. We do this quite differently and it gets us noticed. First, our family atmosphere is truly contagious. Second, our commitment to our “Servant leaders”, followers and ministry partners is solely to better serve them, for The ONE Most High’s Glorification, never ours, or any individual within God’s ministry.

A new Beginning

One evening in 2009 World Prayr’s founders created a twitter account where Christians could support other Christians through prayer. Within the first year a following of over 30,000 came making us realize God was with us. A unique on-line ministry was birthed.

So, we branched into other social media channels as well; Facebook and You Tube. Along the way we noticed even more serious needs that required deeper help because they did not have any off-line connections. This led to the formation of our totally unique Re-Connection team and Need Help programs. Teams work to offer mentoring, counseling and help those who are disconnected, get re-connected to churches and ministries off-line who could come alongside them at the local, community, support level.

Because the needs were so great the need for the level of servant who served within World Prayr had to be one that challenged those who served to serve by their identity (Servants Of The Most High God) rather than by their performance (Volunteers). The work is challenging so as a result an internal World Prayr team was also established.

God’s got this.

Quickly other global needs surfaced, such as; intensive prayr requests, financial aid requests, etc. It spread so fast that there was no time to even realize the ministry still had neither funds, nor a real plan in place to get any, no 501(c)3 status, BUT, World Pray did have ONE HOPE- GOD.

Sometimes all you really need is one.

God is enough.

As World Prayr headed into 2013, it was now How’s eternity sound?!a global, on-line, ministry force. The numbers are astounding, the servant leader team continues to grow and our offerings are increasing. On Good Friday, the USA’s IRS issued World Prayr its 501(c)3 status! Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! In addition World Prayr’s unique online store, FaithFactr is in the final stages of deployment later this year. Our Global social media concepts and metrics are impressive. Our Twitter following is near the top of all twitter global accounts, our Face Book and You Tube pages are expanding. Our reconnection, prayr, and other counseling, mentoring, support programs are growing and serving many needs.

How’s eternity sound?

World Prayr continues to astound mere mortals, but God isn’t even warmed up yet .The future is filled with Love, Hope, relations and even escape.

We Love what we do for His Glory. Our Hope is that God continues to bless all of us at World Prayr, as we continue building relations across the globe, and our escape is from this world in the security and comfort of His promises.

The closing summary

It’s never ours, nor about numbers or business- it’s strictly HIS ministry. As you have likely noticed, we have not mentioned any ONE person, ONE statistic, ONE major accomplishment, because that would divert and deflect from God. Sure, they all exist, and if that’s the story you like, then please contact us, we would love to share with you. Gods knows what we are to do, and numbers don’t matter to him, other than ONE. YOU! We will stand firm in that belief until God leads us differently. Please spend some quiet, quality, time looking around our site, asks us some questions, perhaps decide to prayerfully serve at World Prayr. If you need something, let us know; we would LOVE to better serve you. Blessings!


Everyone, company, organization claims to be different, better, original, unique! Well, so are we, really! Why not, everyone else makes those statements then does exactly what everyone else does to be different, better, original, unique!. Are you tired of the noise, lies, deception? Well, so are we, really! So much so that we will tell you exactly WHY and HOW, then prove, that we are 100% different, better, original and unique.


At World Prayr we better serve YOU, each one of our; followers, servant leaders, donors, supporters, partners, God.


Different: By recognizing that we are not OF this world, merely IN it for a very short phase of our total existence. Our focus is never horizontal, it is always vertical.

Better: By holding ALL accountable to only ONE who alone is Better (Best actually) of all- God.

Original: Because we were created by The One Most High to be that way.

Unique: Through our ministries practices such as:

  1. We monthly, solely, exclusively promote other ministries and ask our followers, supporters, that all donations go to them directly. We support God’s entire Kingdom, so that the whole body is fed. We are not first, or even second, we are merely one with all.
  2. We promote a total TEAM concept of Social Media integration. Again, ALL for ONE, never one for all. It is only about The ONE, and only for us to give Him our ALL, one at a time, all the time.
  3. Kingdom minded builders. God’s not mans. We answer to no one man, but only to the Son of Man. We see no personalities, inabilities, limits other than what God decides. We open our ministry to ALL so that they might joyfully, wholly serve ONE.
  4. Our re-connection team purposefully reconnects those who are lost, searching, disenchanted with Church, BACK to a local Church. It’s ALL about Him, and never about anything or anyone else. EVER!
  5. Our very structure is based upon True, SERVITUDE. We are all “Servant Leaders of the One Most High”. No; superstars, generals, hierarchy, egos, pride allowed, NONE. If you are not humbly serving, you aren’t at World Prayr for very long!
  6. Faith Factr store model. We offer items, goods, services at competitive savings, to our followers, then donate 100% of the profits to a ministry or church of THEIR choosing!
  7. Most every other ministry focuses on Business then ministry. Never at World Prayr, it is ALWAYS, Ministry then business.
  8. We do not treat, respond, judge or act towards those who desire to serve in World Prayr by how they perform (Volunteer) but by their identities in Christ (Servant).
  9. Family focused! Over the prior 4 years less then 1% of our Servant leaders have left our ministry team in disagreement, however, a greater percentage has left because of reasons like; standards too high, stress of the work is too great, life happenings. We never said we were perfect, just; different, better, original and UNIQUE.
  10. We never measure or rank ourselves by; volume, sheer numbers, transfer growth, or traditional metrics. Our ONLY relevant metric is: ONE.

  11. Still not convinced, or want further evidence?

    Please, put us to the test. Come serve, follow, or give to World Prayr! We are waiting to Serve!

The Difference That Brings Communality - That Results In Great Risk!

There are those who dare to see differently. They do so because they realize they now have the freedom to do so. In seeing things differently they choose not to just focus on what separates them but what joins them.

For what joins them is the commonality in the belief that they are more alike than they are different. That likeness brings them to realize that what once separated them now brings them together or it should, can and will. In coming together the greater they realize their difference is from others.

The recognition of that difference not only creates a deep gratitude but a deep sorrow as well. Both the gratitude and the sorrow push them to greater heights, deeper challenges, bigger risks and a focused vision. A vision that focuses not on difference but the commonality which leads truly to a desire to do things differently in order to become rebels, radical, wild, out of order. In fact they welcome such labels.

If the vision, the risks, the challenges demands for them to be labeled such, then they gladly welcome these labels. In order that they may bring greater focused attention to the one who is truly different and unique. As they work, live, worship, and serve, so others know they too have been called to be different.

The Commitment That We Make To You And Our Saviour

God took His covenants with mankind to the point of death on the Cross. While we can never live up to that supernatural, divine standard, we do take commitment to God just as seriously. Unlike God we will fall short, but that will never change our commitment to follow Him.

We directly commit to each of our followers, servant leaders, church/ministry partners, donors and overall supporters to always Love God first, everything and everyone else second.

Our key ministry verses will always be our commitment to all for ONE:

Philippians 2:2-4

Then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. 3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

Romans 12:10

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

We believe we serve a truly radical, loving God; ONE who deeply desires to engage us personally. While on this earth, He has a unique plan and purpose for each of our lives.

We commit to honor God in all we do, from our way of engaging “Servants of The Most High God,” (which others may call “volunteers”), to how we approach donations and other means of giving. We have quite an array of different, radical ways to grow His Kingdom. Please check out our entire website. We are focused on every area of Kingdom Building, ONE block, ONE person, at a time. We even support other ministries above our own, because it simply isn’t about us. It’s only about HIM!!

Most importantly, we commit to honor God’s FREE gift to us, of Grace. We don’t judge, limit, restrict, or hold authority over your heads, but rather you over ours! YOU hold us accountable as the proper contextual reading of Hebrews 13:17 commands!

Check out what we are doing by visiting our "How we serve" page.
In the meantime here are some things we are specifically working on.

Reconnecting A Broken World

Reconnection -

World Prayr is always passionately working on its main mission. Primarily serving as a mission team going into a new mission field called social media, to find those who have become disconnected and isolated from community while spending time on the web. We are helping them connect in two ways:

  • 1) By being a source of encouragement, counsel and prayer.
  • 2) By working with them to connect to a ministry or church that can offer community.

World Prayr is not only looking after the matters of our own ministry, but also of the matters of others as well – We continue to work hard to promote and support other ministries, not just our own. At the end of last year, through our "Strengthening The Local" program, we moved to not only working to support other ministries, but are now currently working to support churches as well.

Check out what we are doing on our "Strengthening the Local" page.

Working To Help Churches Get into Social Media

"Strengthening The Local” -

Our plan is to take the World Prayr concept into local churches by teaching them how to reach into a new mission field called social media. Teaching them how to build mission teams. Creating teams that involve the entire church body, not just the normal one or two individuals.

Check Out "The Plan" page to see how we are doing it.

Imagine an app that you could use for both disipleship and prayer

Our Reconnection App -

World Prayr, along with EvanTell and Deep Blue Marketing are in the process of developing a one-of-a-kind app. Imagine having at your fingertips an app that will help in not only giving the gospel to someone, but in talking with those involved in various cults.

Also, imagine being able to answer questions on how to walk in grace with someone. Now imagine too, being able to record and list your prayer requests so others can pray for them, while at the same time being able to find a new church in an area that you're visiting for the first time. Imagine being able to help someone else find a church.

This is the app we are working on building. So what do you think?

Imagine a store that is a cross between target,  Kohl,and a Christian bookstore and you get the idea.


Finally, after three years of hard work, acquiring over 200 vendors and 10,000 products, we are getting closer to releasing what we have worked on for three years…our store. The store will be called FaithFactr. Within the store we will carry an assortment of products ranging from clothing to jewelry to fashion goods, to books, to Bibles.

It evolved accidentally as we were working on the answers to questions for our "How To Live In Grace" page. Check out the page, but more importantly be sure to check out some of the questions that will be in the book.

Discover more about FaithFactr

Walking In God's Grace

Practical Answers To Tough Questions

World Prayr and Energion Publications have developed what we think is a wonderful resource for every believer who is on the grace walk. Here is what others have had to say about this resource.

"The pages of this book will expand your horizons and provoke thoughtful self examination."

  • Wendell O, Rovenstine
  • President
  • Bibles for China

"Walking in God’s Grace is an excellent discussion of what Christians often overlook God’s grace is not only essential to entering the Christian life, it is also essential for living it."

  • Dr. R.Larry Moyer
  • Founder & CEO
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Evantell

"World Prayr has created a much needed resource for believers—baby and bustling alike."

  • Susan Perlman
  • Founder & CEO
  • Associate Executive Director
  • Jews for Jesus

We pray that you will be blessed on your walk of grace through this wonderful book.

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