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There are many ways to serve within World Prayr but perhaps you have a question. On this page, you may just find an answer as we take the time to list some of the more popular questions that we are asked. Take a moment and check out our answers to these questions, by clicking on the question itself.

What is World Prayr?
World Prayr is an online mission team comprised of Servants of the Most High God who serve in various areas and capacities with World Prayr, while encouraging, praying for and connecting and reconnecting others to the body of Christ.
What is the Mission of World Prayr?

Well, perhaps our mission statement will help answer this.

World Prayr is a unique, exclusively On-line, Global ministry team seeking out those who need mentoring, prayer and counseling coupled with foundational Biblical teachings; then reconnecting them to an offline local church and/or to a body of fellow believers.

As we do this we also aggressively serve those ministries we have uniquely aligned ourselves with. By working to promote them and help others learn about them.

How does World Prayr carry out it’s mission?
Through a team of dedicated servants who have come together at this time for serving others and helping fulfill Christ’s last prayer that the body of Christ be one. One might say that it is a team of common people putting out uncommon effort to serve the One who gave all.
How does World Prayr choose those who will serve with World Prayr?
World Prayr has a vetting system in place. We provide a questionnaire, research the answers and then get to know more about those seeking to serve with us. World Prayr team members are constantly subjected to the hurts and pains of others, as some of our team members handle serious, confidential information. Our vetting system is always being improved, and we are always working on it, striving to make sure we get those who are truly committed to serving others and their Lord.
World Prayr does not encourage volunteerism. Is this true?
Did you know that the synonym of volunteer is unpaid worker? World Prayr finds it hard to prove that someone who has been given and accepted the free gift of God’s grace as seen as an unpaid worker. Seems to us we have already been paid in waiting. We have also found at times, that those who come in with a volunteer attitude bring a spirit of entitlement and “Hey what do you expect? They’re volunteers!” attitude. We prefer to challenge those who serve in World Prayr to a new level and as a result, honor the truth of 1 Peter 2:16 and Romans 6:22 by referring to those who serve within World Prayr as Servants of The Most High God.
What is the difference between someone praying for me in the mainstream, behind the scenes on twitter through DM's and the Reconnection Team?

The Basic answer to that is that each of those areas address a different level of need, which requires more time and commitment from those who serve in those areas, accordingly.

In our main streams we encourage, share the gospel of grace, pray for others and promote ministries. Behind the scenes on Twitter and Facebook in private messages we deal with those who need one on one prayer or encouragement. Then with our Reconnection Team we address those with even more serious needs through counseling, mentoring, sharing God's Word and His Truth. There is a pastor that works specifically with this team.

Is there someone I can talk to about a relationship with Christ and my salvation?

Our team will be happy to talk with you about your relationship with Jesus Christ. We can help you be sure of your future and know that your salvation is secure in Him. Is there a phone number, a Skype number or an email address where we can talk further?

Do you have anywhere on your site that can help me begin to know Christ as my saviour?

Check out our “How To Live In Grace” page and watch the video posted by us from EvanTell Ministries.

I just recently accepted Christ as my Saviour. Is there someone who can help me discover what is next?

Check out our “How To Live In Grace” or contact us at and someone from our team would love to talk to you.

How can I help in serving?

There are many ways to serve here at World Prayr. One way is serving as a moderator on Twitter or Facebook. As a moderator, you will be blessed to serve as you answer prayer requests, offer encouragement and scripture. We have the reconnection and outreach team where we help others connect to churches, ministries and many other ways. We have the store where there are always ways to help and serve. As you can see, we offer many ways and ample opportunities for many to serve. We really are about putting feet on prayer here.

I only have a mobile phone. Will I still be able to moderate?

You can easily moderate for Facebook and Twitter with a mobile phone.

I am very busy with work and other activities to commit to a specific schedule to serve. Will this be a problem?

We have many ways to serve that are less time constricted. For example, we have a wonderful blog, prayer and re-connection team. That may be something that you could work around with your busy schedule.

I am the leader, director or pastor of a church. How can we tie in our ministry with World Prayr?

We would love to meet with you to discuss the specifics of your ministry or church. Take time and check out our “How We Serve” page.

If GOD knows ALL things, before the creation of civilization, the earth and time/space itself- WHY PRAY?

An answer to that question might look like or involve the following!

One of man’s number one issues–-and perhaps his number one issue--is to come to an understanding of who He is before and after Christ and how the gospel impacts that. As a result of that, some of the things we must learn are as follows:

  1. Understanding God is in control
  2. Learning to become dependent
  3. Learning humility
  4. Learning not to ask for what pleases but what God desires
  5. Recognizing there truly is someone greater

All of that is accomplished through Prayer!

We are called to follow the example of Christ and serve others, thus promoting others above ourselves. The best way to learn how to do that and to love others greater than ourselves is to consistently pray for them. The greatest way that we can serve others is to pray for them, and the greatest way to bless our enemies is to pray for them. See, prayer is not for God; it is for us. However, we are also commanded to pray, as an act of obedience. What a privilege and wonderful gift of restoration comes through prayer!

Can you help me find a church that I can go to in my area?

Yes, we can! Tell us a little about yourself, and we will find one in your community that may be just what you are looking for! We also have a Church Resource page at which you are welcome to look.

My life is such a mess. I don’t see any way out. I am a Christian, but have thought of taking my life. I know this is against God, but I can’t get rid of these thoughts. Can you please help me?

Yes, we have a mentor you can speak with. It will just be between the two of you. We will pass your email information to one of our mentors, and they will be contacting you soon.

I am having trouble with my marriage and my spouse is wanting to split up. Can you please pray for us?

Yes, we have a prayer team that will pray with and for both of you. We actually have a testimony where this did occur, and the couple is now working it out.

What is the purpose of the Strengthening The Local?

The purpose of this program is three fold:

  • a)To help churches grow deeper and stronger, as a result increasing their reach and impact as they move .and. as they develop a stronger and more unified responsive web presence. Reaching out to those who they may not be otherwise able to reach.
  • b) To give those in the church a new way to serve. Especially those who may not have been able to participate in a lot of things before. Such as the handicapped, those without transportation, those who are ill for one reason or another, stay-at-home moms, the retired or on a fixed income, but it does not need to stop there.
  • c) To help churches break from the mold that says that only those with certain titles or degrees are meant to do ministry, by giving everyone the ability to present the Word of God. Teaching and training the entire body how to minister. Helping the church to build a culture where all are able to minister, all are able to reach and drive impact and all are using the gifts God has given them.

What again is the plan for Strengthening The Local?

World Prayr, Deep Blue Marketing and Evantell ministries have teamed together to bring what we believe is both a church planting program and a new mission field. We will be working through providing training and resources to churches enabling them to build a strong internet presence, going into a new mission field.

It is our hope through this program that those who once for whatever reason could not serve will be able to do so now. As the church grows their teams, the prayer is that those who could not serve in a mission field are now serving in one.

As a result the discipleship process in the church is growing in a broader, more impactful way. To discover more check out our page The Plan.

How big should these teams be?

There is no set number for how big the web ministry team should be. This is like asking "how big should the next mission team we are sending out be?"

Though the team should not be bigger than mature watching eyes can keep track of and observe.

If World Prayr, Deep Blue and Evantell are not charging churches for this program, but providing it at no cost. How are they covering their own expenses?

The expenses for this program are covered in multiple ways.

  • Through private donors and grants.
  • Other internal funding sources like our store and books.
  • Projects that we are involved in.
  • Existing Resources!
  • Donations from the churches we are serving, if they so choose.

However we do this because we choose to, because we believe the local church is still how God is choosing to build HIS kingdom

Do we have to use all parts of the program?

Each church is free to use whatever part of the program they choose to. They are also free to use as much as they want of a part of the program.

What is the best way to get started?

Contact World Prayr, Evantell or Deep Blue today and someone from one of our teams will be glad to get you started.

How do we get the materials we need?

All materials, information, advice are electronically and digitally deliverable. They may come through email, a download link, a phone call or any other way we determine is best suited for what you need.

How do we guarantee someone will not mess up our streams or post something we don't want?

There is always great risk in any venture or new venture. However not doing something because of the risk involved, we believe is not a sufficient reason to not do something.

When a church sends out a missionary team to a foreign country, they have no guarantee that .no. .one. on that team will not do something that will embarrass them. It is no different with this mission field.

While we will be offering training for your leaders and workers, we cannot even guarantee that for ourselves. Though part of supplying posts and images is to limit such risks.

If your team is using just verses, .pre-approved. posts and images the risk should be less than if you sent a team into the mission field.

Consider this when Christ sent out the disciples two by two in Luke 10:1-22 they were not mature Christians, with in-depth knowledge of the Word Of God. We see evidence of this when we look back at the twelve and see not only did Christ have to admonish them about their lack of faith but in seeking to be first.

Most of the New Testament is written to baby believers, those just beginning to walk. Yet, Paul does not say "wait and grow" he says "go and grow." Which we find is evident of those who serve in this ministry with a right heart, they grow as they serve.

Is there a time limit on how much help we get?

There is neither a time limit or a limit on how much help any church will receive.

We recognize that each church will be different and that some may choose to use only a particular part or level of this program. All are unique and may move at a different pace than others, some at an excessive rate, others much slower.

While we will be offering training for your leaders and workers, we cannot even guarantee that for ourselves. Though part of supplying posts and images is to limit such risks.

Not only is it our desire to be a constant source of resources, help, advice and help, we look forward to learning in this program with each church as we move forward.

However , .what. we would point out is that this is meant to be a starter program. As such there may be certain provisions to be made to move forward and other things that may need to come to an end. As we move forward together we will decide where we need help and where we do not.

World Prayr, Deep Blue and Evantell need nothing from us?

YES! This is true to an extent! What we do need though, will not be costly in terms of financial resources, but in terms of commitment, attention, priority, focus, persistence, consistency, discipline, coming out of the box, thinking in a different way, reaching your community and the world beyond may or may not be considered to be costly to some.

Along the way we may ask for a few things. These things will only be asked for if your pleased with how we are serving you.

  • A letter sharing your thoughts on the program.
  • A referral to another church.
  • Solid feedback on how to improve.

Why is building a team important as compared to one or two individuals doing it?

If less than 46% of companies have only one person handling all their internet responsibilities, then you can be sure that churches have even less.

Web ministry is a real ministry and a real mission field. One only need consider the facts that we have listed on both our "Why Web Ministry" and "Strengthening The Local" pages to see this. It is not only an opportunity for churches to increase their impact and reach but to also allow those who could not have the opportunity to serve before.

With ongoing training and leadership challenges those serving to higher standards in such a ministry. They not only have an opportunity to help others find Christ and grow in grace, they grow themselves as well.

This has the potential as one church leader mentioned, "to help those in the church use gifts they may not have known they had or the church had no way for them to use those gifts, such as writing." It can also allow those who are not serving to have a new opportunity to serve.

Is this a church planting tool or a mission tool?

Strengthening The Local is meant to be both. As it is a tool to help those currently in your church grow deeper and have a new place to serve.

Will you build a website?

Yes we will build you a website restricted to six pages built on WordPress using a template. This would be considered a starter website. During the build we will provide training so that when the build is done you will be ready to take it over.

After the build is done we will be there for reasonable service requests. Reasonable service requests to be determined by us. Usually this will amount to a quick fix taking no more than a couple of hours. Each request shall be considered on an individual basis.

Are you going to supply strategy and visioneering training?

With our organizations are some very gifted leaders who are willing to serve you by offering their knowledge in helping you develop strategies and a vision for your church if need be. With absolutely no cost to you or the church. Of course as we grow time becomes limited so some time in the future we may place restrictions here.

Are you supplying training in evangelism and discipleship?

We already have materials in place for this and will be supplying these with extra consultations for the churches involved in this program.

You are supplying posts for our use. Are these posts in the streams or blog posts?

These are posts that we have created for our ministries and that we place in our streams. We share them with you to use with your streams.

As far as blog posts - ask us and we will see what we can do.

You are supplying images is that correct?

Yes we at World Prayr have a large catalog of images that we readily make available to you.

Can you provide hosting?

Yes, we can provide hosting for free. The hosting we provide is a step above the normal shared hosting. We host all of our sites on a grid hosting system with a CDN network channel.

How do we choose who will be on our team, so we ensure the best representation.

We can help you develop a form that you can use as a guide to develop your own. This will allow you to better determine who will be a good fit and not such a good fit for your team. As the form will allow you to ask questions that will better ensure that you have team members who are consistent with the message you are trying to deliver.

We actually have two forms, one for those who are just joining our team and one for those looking to become leaders in our ministry. Here is the one we use for those just starting out. To check out the one we use for those coming into leadersip contact us.

Can I stop the program at any time?

At any time you feel a need to stop the program for whatever reason, please feel free to notify us accordingly.

Can I stop the program at any time?

At any time you feel a need to stop the program for whatever reason, please feel free to notify us accordingly.

How do you know if the program has been successful?

Here is what we can tell you, we don't count numbers. God metrics are different than man’s. God does not count numbers of growth. He measures by lives changed, even if it is just one.

Lives growing into grace motivated, gratitude energized lives that are seeking to worship HIM and serve others. Our task is to be faithful to what we believe God has called us to.

There are signs that we will look for. Such as:

  • Does the church now have a uniformed responsive presence.
  • Is the church growing a team that is serving faithfully in their ministry.
  • Are those within the church learning to serve in a new way, using gifts that were not being used before.

These are the signs we will be looking for. Remember our job is to be fruitful, the fruit, the rest is God's job.

Is this for all churches?

We reserve the right to choose the churches that we will make this program available to and when. Due to the fact that this is a service we are providing, we will be very choosy as to who we will serve.

This is a result of resources, time allotment, values, beliefs and other things we will take into consideration. We thank you for allowing us to make this choice.

Perhaps you have a question for World Prayr today. If so, we have enclosed this form. Please feel free to send us a message

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