Meet The Senior Team

There exists within the ministry of World Prayr a senior advisory team comprised of pastors, business leaders and ministry leaders from the major protestant denominations. They would serve as what most would consider as a team of business consultants so to speak. They provide counsel, wisdom, support and guidance for our Executive Team. They also provide major accountability and let them know when we as a ministry are not performing and going in the right direction.

We are honored and blessed to have these men serving with us. Take time and get to know them.

Barry Werner

Barry Werner currently serves in a variety of positions but most notably as a volunteer overseeing operations for Bibles For China. He has served as Vice President for Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. His background, education and experience center on leadership and management.

Barry has owned and operated his own business, served as a project manager of a research and development project for Control Data Corp, was Director of Operations for World Wide Pictures (the Billy Graham Film Ministry). He produces a daily leadership blog read by individuals throughout the U.S. His wide range of leadership opportunities in diverse fields has given him experience with multiple management systems and organizational structures, and has fostered an ability to be flexible to changing times.

Barry’s collaborative style of leadership tends to hold a team together and achieve the organization’s objectives on time and on budget has given him much wisdom on the subject which he shares on his blog.

You can find Barry at Barry Werner on both Facebook and Twitter or take time and read his thoughts on his blog titled Leadership Principals

Pastor Bob Kimball

Pastor Bob Kimball became a follower of Christ in the summer of 1974. He graduated from a Bible College in 1981, was ordained, and worked at a Christian school for a year.

He then went back for more schooling and received a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, married, and moved to Atlanta in 1989. He is a manager in the IT department at T-Mobile. He's the father of special needs twins, which inspired his twitter name as dadofspeckids.

He has participated in music ministries in churches by singing in ensemble groups to lead worship. Bob now serves in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer at World Prayr. You can contact Pastor Bob at or Follow him on Twitter or Facebook. He is also chairman of the board of World Prayr.

Pastor Pat Badstibner

Pastor Patrick Badstibner who, while attending Bible College, felt God was leading him to go into business for himself. He would go on to become an award-winning landscape architect and landscape designer. As well as a former Who's Who of American Business. Who, after using his passion in the business world to build a multimillion dollar business, retired. He now serves as the Executive Pastor of World Prayr.

We at World Prayr, that know him well, see him as another Job and Paul combined. His sister said he was a born a leader and he has shown this to be true. Although he started out a leader in the world, God had other plans for this life and his gift.

First, Pat would have to go through the refiner's fire. Many of the trials and tests Pat had to go through were much like Jobs. His pastor would tell you that he knows Job personally. Pat has a disease that has his left him deaf and with only no balance. Like Paul, this is the thorn in his side.

Out of everything he, his wonderful wife Becky, and their two children have been through came the birth of World Prayr. This is Pat's true calling to leadership.

You can get to know Pastor Pat on his facebook page.

Henry E. Neufeld

Henry E. Neufeld is editor of the Participatory Study Series from Energion Publications. He is also the owner and founder of Energion Publications. He has BA and MA degrees in Biblical Languages, and uses his skills in Biblical studies to help lay people learn to better understand the Bible .

He is also the author of "What’s in a Version?", "When People Speak for God", and eight other books. He lives near Pensacola, Florida with his wife Jody. They have three children and five grandchildren. Henry can be found on Facebook and on Twitter or visit his company website.

Dr Howard Brown

Dr Howard Brown spent his childhood years through high school in Kenya as the son of missionary parents. After completing his university training, he obtained his doctorate degree in African Studies.

He worked for 11 years in Kenya introducing American college students to African history, culture and development issues prior to his current job as Director of Grants at a top university in SC, making him one of the top grant writers in the state.

He taught history and language at university level and high school levels and was high school principal of the largest Christian school in Dade County, Florida. He is married and has three children.

You can catch up with Howard on Facebook. Dr Brown is also a member of the board of World Prayr.

Katherine Russell

Retired from an extensive background in Business. She has been active in church leadership for over thirty years. Part of that serving as the coordinator of "Boots on the Ground," a local women's ministry. This group for many years organized yearly concerts, street rallies and hitting the streets as an evangelistic outreach in the community.

Thirty-Nine years of growing in the Word and serving others has made Katherine a perfect candidate to be part of the Sr Team of World Prayr . She has been a leader in World Prayr since 2009. Her love for the Lord and her diligence in serving others has made a HUGE impact and at the same time raised the bar in how the team and ministry strives to be.

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