What We Believe

Within every major Church or ministry are founding and guiding principles based on the word of God. These principles, or, as some would say, doctrinal statements, are the guiding statements for that church or organization. It is the same with World Prayr; these statements reflect the cornerstone upon which World Prayr has been built.

We have used the anchor icon to represent that these are the beliefs, the ministry is anchored on. As you click on each one it will take you to a separate page, where you can read what we believe about that topic or doctrine. Then simply click on the little square at the top, on the right, in the grey area across from the name of the page. This will take you back to the original page containing all the icons, where you can click on the next icon.


Did you get your invite to Faith Factr
Well have you heard yet??

World Prayr is not only one of the most unique ministry on the web. It is now building a very unique store on the web. A ministry based store that features more than Books, Bibles, DVD 's and Small Gifts.

Not only that but with each purchase 100% of the profit is sent to a ministry of your choosing!

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