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We believe that there is indeed one God. It is through the Bible, which is God's self-revelation, that we learn He is almighty, infinitely perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing, unchangeable, all-loving, eternally merciful, gracious and infinite in holiness. He is Creator and sustainer of all creation and all life.

He is the only being that exists that does so because He deemed it so, without cause. He was not created. He created all other things by His hand. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.

While all other life is a gift from God, God has life in and of himself completely. There can be found no want or need within Him. Nor does he have a need to grow or improve. While allowing His children to participate in His plan, He does not need such help.

He alone is worthy of worship. He alone is also deserving of being preeminent in all things, including but not limited to our affections. He exists as a triune God within one.

God remains without bounds or measure and His infinity defines all of His other characteristics. As such, none of his characteristics or qualities can truly be known, defined or exhausted. He is always the same from beginning to end and for all eternity, never changing.

His holiness is His distinguishing mark from all others. It defines His purity and majesty. His holiness is the standard for all and none can measure themselves against it nor claim any apart from whatever He gives.

Since God is perfect in his knowledge of all things, which we define as his Omniscience, we cannot teach Him or hold him accountable. He also has no need to learn and, as such, cannot be surprised.

God’s faithfulness guarantees that He can never lie and, as a result, His word is always true. Because His love is an action and not an emotion, and God is indeed faithful, those who place their faith in Christ can be assured of eternal life.

His omnipotence defines His power, which is endless and knows no limit, such that he expends no energy that ever needs to be replenished, nor does He grow tired or weary.

Because God created time and knows no bounds, He truly is eternal. This is why He can see from beginning to ending as He is not defined or confined within the limits of time as man is.

God is triune, meaning that He exists in three distinct persons all being co-equal, self-conscious, fully divine and co-eternal. Scripture identifies these three personalities as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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