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Through our identity in Christ, we not only see how much God loves us, but we find our mission and purpose as God's children. As we learn to live according to our identity now as a child of Almighty God, a royal priest, a chosen child of God, a member of Christ’s body, a vessel of God’s grace and glory, the bride of Christ, Christ considers us a beautiful one, friends of Christ, a citizen of heaven, hidden with Christ in God, holy and blameless, a saint, adopted by God, a worker for and with God, a minister of reconciliation, God’s workmanship, the temple of the Holy Spirit, one of God's excellent ones, the apple of God's eyes, a disciple of Christ, a member of God’s household and a new creation.

Because of these new identities, believers no longer need to allow their past to shame them, control them, label them or define them. This new identity frees them to be who they were originally created to be, which is to be a reflection of God, Himself, and to live for the purpose they were created for: to glorify God, worship God and make Him known.

Living to this new identity not only changes the believer, it also changes how they treat others who are children of God. As a believer grows in understanding of his own identity it allows him to become more tolerant of others as he realizes he has done nothing nor could he do nothing to earn such identity.

Such identity comes through the grace and love of God, at the expense of Christ. It remains the identity of each believer in spite of whether they deserve it or not. It also, reveals that God indeed did love us first.

These things create within one a desire to live with a heart of gratitude for our new identity. As part of this identity, those who have accepted Christ’s sacrificial payment and have believed on Him who died for us, there no longer exists any condemnation.

Choosing not to live according to the believers new identity does not change the identity itself; it does affect the relationship with God. For, God is Holy and cannot look upon sin. Therefore, it places the believer in a position of God not being pleased with how they are living.

However, because of the believers new identity, when God looks upon them He sees the perfect obedience of Christ and not their failed obedience to Him, and as a result, while displeasure exists, He does not deal with them according to their sin but always according to His grace and love.

Part of our new identity is to be instruments: the mouth, hands and feet of God’s glory. Thus, the greatest reason for why each believer should choose to live to their new identity is in order that they might reflect the love of an Almighty God, and allow Him to find deep pleasure in our worship of Him.

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