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Jesus is God revealed, the second person of the trinity, who remains united in the human nature in which he came the first time and shall come the second time.

He obtained this human nature through the event known as the virgin birth in which God became incarnate through Jesus Christ, through the miraculous conception. Therefore, he took on all of humanity's identifying characteristics, including the ability to sin. Yet, He himself was without sin.

While on earth he did not sacrifice any of His divine nature. The Creator came to the created and this is the single most distinguishing characteristic of Christianity from all other religions.

Because Christ gave the ultimate performance and obeyed all of God's laws, he was the only human who could satisfy God's justice as it pertains to His demand on humankind for their failure to obey His laws. He voluntarily obeyed the Father and fulfilled the mission upon which had been designed for Him to fulfill since before the creation of the world.

His mission was to become a substitution sacrifice and payment for the sins of all of humankind. Because of this sacrifice, he now can provide salvation from the judgment pronounced on all of humankind by God, to all who place their faith in Him alone for their salvation from said judgment.

We can now have assurance of this salvation as accomplished through Christ's offering and God has given us two assurances of said salvation. One is the empty tomb and the other is the Holy Spirit.

Because Christ rose in the glorified body that He lived and died in and has now ascended to be with the Father in heaven, he now is able to serve as a mediator between man and God. Not only does he serve currently on behalf of those he calls His bride, but He will return one day personally and visibly to bring a close to human history. He will also establish an earthly kingdom and complete the blueprint that the Godhead had put in place before the creation of the world.

These truths allow us the ability to know for sure that we have the unconditional forgiveness of sins now, not in the future. Hence, the Christian life can be lived with enthusiasm, knowing that God no longer deals with us according to our sins, but according to the righteousness of Christ, which He imputed to us.

When God looks at us, he looks with the same delight he looks upon Christ with. We not only are the bride of Christ, but his longing as the bridegroom is towards us, His bride. He loves us passionately and considers us ultimately beautiful. At the same time, we exist as one of God's excellent ones and the apple of His eye.

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