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More than any other creation of God, man alone reflects the image of God. We know from the creation record that He created them male and female. All races and nationalities are of this special creation. Thus, God uniquely forms all personalities in His image, deserving of full dignity, respect and love as given through God.

Any deviations or derivatives from the original creation as man and woman are a result of a fallen world and the sin that now encompasses and controls that world. Gender equality is not only a gift, but to be considered as part of the original design and specifically intended for each individual.

We also believe this extends to their roles in the covenant of marriage as exhibited by man’s original parents and part of God’s original intended purpose of design and creation. It was part of the original design that this covenant would be a pattern of the covenant that would be formed between the Bridegroom (Jesus Christ) and His bride (the church).

Having been originally created and designed to have a special relationship with God, man was indeed created with a freedom of choice and free from sin. Yet, this freedom brought the responsibility of obeying God and choosing to worship Him alone.

Man, instead, chose to disobey God with the freedom he was given. This disobedience resulted in a break from the special relationship man had with God.

This inerrant choice also resulted in man being bound to the law, which in turn condemned Him. As man's nature was now corrupted and he was spiritually dead, he is unable to please God with any kind of obedience or self-righteousness.

This, in turn, left man without any hope to escape the judgment and wrath of God. This single choice not only condemned the original man and woman but every man and woman since.

It left them destined to do nothing but serve themselves and Satan. One choice took them out of a special relationship, left them without any ability to communicate with God the creator, and aligned with God's enemy.

Consequently, in order to obtain genuine life, man needed a rescuer from His judgment, and as a result, condemnation. There is nothing in man that can serve to appease God's wrath or merit escape from His judgment.

Thus, man must have outside intervention to escape his peril, and we find that intervention within the person and work of Jesus Christ. However, man, because of his current condition, does not seek God, and is dead in his abilities to do anything toward God. Therefore, God must draw him to be able to receive this precious gift.

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