What We Believe About Sovereignty

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What do we mean by the "sovereignty of God?" Quite simply, to say that God is sovereign is to say that God is God. That there is no other god worthy of praise and worship. No one shall question God or control or prevent Him from accomplishing His will, purposes or plans.

It is within God to kill and bring to life, make nations great and destroy them, bring adversity and prosperity so that all may know He is God. He creates well-being and calamity. Removes and takes down kings.

He gives life and death to all of humanity. He makes what man thinks is straight, crooked.

God does indeed control all molecules, and if there is a molecule in which he does not control, then He cannot be God. God's promises and plans are based on His faithfulness, not the faithfulness of humankind.

God's plans are not hindered because humankind continues to sin and remain in sin. To say otherwise would make God dependent on man versus man being dependent on God.

Because God is all-knowing, nothing surprises Him. To claim that God is surprised is to say that God is dependent on the actions of man.

In stating that God is sovereign, we are stating that because He has absolute authority. He may govern this universe as He pleases. Because He is infinite, no rule or law shall govern him. He governs Himself by His own will and nature, according to what pleases Him.

His chief aim is to make Himself known in all of His actions. As such, no one holds Him accountable for His actions.

As a result, He alone determines whom He will show mercy to and whom He will condemn. He will have compassion on those he chooses and no one shall question Him accordingly. Whom He chooses to have compassion on and love is not based on any outside influence, but rather His own will.

God exercises His grace to all humankind in His common grace. This enables Him to rule over all of creation. While His common grace is offered to all of humankind, His saving grace is exercised at His will and discretion. Remaining debt free and, as a result, none can claim to have more favor than any other does.

He can be considered the great instigator as He directs and instigates situations and circumstances to His good pleasure so that all may know that He is God. He also does this in those he has chosen as His own in order that they may be conformed to the image of Christ which is always for His best.

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