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We believe the Bible (Scripture) as found in 66 books, considered the "Canon" of scripture, is the revealed Word of God. Several things determine such books, among them being is it authoritative and/or is it prophetic. This is determined by either having the authority of a spiritual leader of Israel and/or an apostle of the church.

Such books must be consistent with each other in revealing truth, being dynamic and received by the early church. We believe God inspired these books, as the Holy Spirit moved men. This inspiration is true and equal to all parts as contained within the original manuscripts, and as a result, they contain no error.

Future translations, while possibly containing grammatical, word placement or transliteration errors, are still accurate in their overall message, connection, flow, and purpose. A purpose which reveals God's blueprint from before creation was to bring humanity back to Himself through the sacrificial work of Christ. As a result, all of scripture is still true and inerrant as it pertains to revealing the person and work of Jesus Christ and His comings, both first and second.

The Bible, while accurate and inerrant in its message, is not always literal, meaning there is poetic phrasing, parables, analogies, written for the purpose of illustration or making connection or solidifying a point. Yet, the Bible should always be the first source of truth from God. All other sayings, truth, prophecies, statements, words, thoughts, or anything else said to come from or to represent God must always be laid against the Bible which always serves as the final authority.

We also believe that both the Old Testament and the New Testament speak of both law and grace equally. All Bible passages speak of both law and grace.

The Bible is not a set of stories of heroes to emulate, or principles to establish checklists upon which to determine if we are living right or not, or a self-help manual or just good advice to follow. It is a story, but not ours. It is a story of how the creator of the universe has chased us, redeemed us and brought us near to Him. It is full of imperatives that are rooted and empowered by the truth of the gospel.

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