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The Holy Spirit is not an essence or an entity. He is a person just like the rest of the Trinity. Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit is indeed God. He is the agent for impartation of the new life we now have in Jesus Christ. It is through the Holy Spirit that we find that the gift of salvation is applied and secured to each of those who have placed their faith in the sacrificial payment of Christ.

In the book of Acts Peter tells Ananias that Satan had filled his heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and that he had not lied to man, but to God. Paul said in Second Corinthians, not only do we worship the Father and Son, but the Holy Spirit. Then, in First Corinthians Paul attributes to the Holy Spirit the ability to know all things as God does.

Because He is eternal and referred to as God, we see He has the attributes, qualities and deity of God. This evidence proves beyond doubt the Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity.

Christ identifies the Holy Spirit as a person like Himself. We also have further proof that the Holy Spirit has qualities of a person. We know that he thinks and knows, can be grieved, and makes decisions according to His will.

Just as with any person and the rest of the Godhead, because the Holy Spirit is a person we can also say without doubt that we do not get more of the Holy Spirit. For when we were justified, we received all of the spiritual blessings God had and everything we needed to live this Christian life.

This also includes all of God. Not to mention that we do not get God, but God gets us.

The Holy Spirit does not come upon us as we mature or become more obedient to God. We could never be obedient, repentant or deserving enough to get anything from God, much less God himself. No! The Holy Spirit freely takes up residence in us upon our belief in Christ for our eternal hope.

All members of the Trinity are involved in the work of our salvation. The Holy Spirit plays roles in our salvation process and in our lives. He is the warranty of our heritage as children of God. The Holy Spirit keeps us eternally secure in our relationship with God.

Through the Holy Spirit God’s word has now become a living two-edged sword, as He illuminates all truth. The Holy Spirit enables us to live the way God wants us to, and in the process to become more like we were designed to be. It is through the Holy Spirit that we gain the power to fight sin.

Through His enabling us to fight sin, He changes us. He makes known the love of God in our hearts. The Holy Spirit is the one that works through us to glorify God and serve others. He is the One who makes sure of our promised eternal life one day, that we will indeed join Christ in day-to-day existence with a new body, mind and spirit!

When we allow the Holy Spirit to control us, our focus will indeed be on Jesus. That is the task, responsibility and function of the Holy Spirit.

If our focus is only on or about what the Holy Spirit does and His gifts, what He can do for or give us, what we can do through Him, then our view and attitude about the Holy Spirit and His work may or may not be out of balance, wrong and unbiblical. The Holy Spirit’s job is not to highlight His own work, but always to bring our attention to Christ and His finished work.

The Holy Spirit is the quiet one of the trinity. He would prefer to remain anonymous.

A strong indication that someone is speaking in spirit and in truth occurs when the listener forgets the person speaking and only hears and sees Christ and the message of the Cross. Given this, the Holy Spirit is not to be sought, pursued, chased after or promoted. This would be akin to pursuing and voting for the “campaign manager,” rather the One who is being campaigned for. The Holy Spirit’s only desire is to bring total focused attention to Jesus, who paid all debt and for whom one day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is indeed Lord.

God, through the Holy Spirit, gives us our spiritual gifts and brings those gifts to visibility and full use, as He changes us. This is His work and not ours, nor is it dependent on us.

As the believer's desires become those that honor God and their passions develop more and more to be an active part of building God’s Kingdom, they can be sure the Holy Spirit is alive and well within us and actively at work.

Upon the journey of grace, it may appear that one is indeed exhibiting more of the gifts and fruits of God in their lives. This most assuredly comes because of the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is already completely with us, working in and for us as He brings us closer to the created purpose that God the Father intended.

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