Allow Us To Pray For You

World Prayr was founded on the belief that prayer is a very important gift given to us through our salvation. Next to God’s living word it is the most powerful gift a believer has. God really does care and love his children and wants to connect to us through a vital relationship with Christ.

If you do not know Christ as your personal Savior, we encourage you to allow us to serve you in another way. As you fill out this form one of our team members will be glad to contact you and help you find out how you can know that you have eternal life! You can also check out our page “How to Live in Grace.

If you do know Christ as your Savior, but feel we can help you in another way that goes beyond prayer, you may go to our “Let Us Help You” page. By filling out the form located on that page, we can begin going to work for you. We do offer mentoring, counseling and can help you connect to other sources that can help you or, even better, a local church in your area.

However you decide, if you allow us to pray for you, you can be sure we will.

Thank you for allowing World Prayr to serve you in this capacity. If you have need to talk to someone on a one on one basis we would love to speak to you. We have a special email address set up just for that,

World Prayr team members would be honored to pray for you. Just take a moment and fill out the form below. We want you to know we respect your confidentially so much that only those individuals directly involved in helping you will have access to your information. We do not share it with the entire World Prayr team much less anyone outside of World Prayr. We really do respect your privacy and the trust you place in us.

Allow Us To Pray For You

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