How To Live In Grace

If you follow World Prayr you will notice we talk a lot about GRACE, living in GRACE and the gospel of GRACE.

Perhaps you are wondering what all the fuss is about this grace, you want to know how you can live in grace or how to be sure that you are part of God's family.

BTW – What does that mean to be a part of God's family? Maybe you just have doubts and want to know for sure if you were to die tonight that you would spend eternity in the right place.

Maybe you just accepted Christ and want to know what is next, if there is something further you need to do. Perhaps you are hearing conflicting advice of , “YES! there is more you need to do” and “NO! there is not” and are wondering what the truth is.

No matter what your reason for visiting this page, if you have not done so already we encourage you to watch the following video.


Because we believe this message is so important and the clarity of what comes next is so often confusing or twisted we wanted to prayerfully bring some clarity and some truth to the equation. So we have created two ways to recieve this very important message. What we will call "Starting On The Grace Road." You can listen to the podcast or read or both, whatever you choose.

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If you have just finished watching the video supplied by our friends at EvanTell and for the first time have accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour, we want to be the first to welcome you into the family. With the decision you have just made you not only now have a real personal relationship with the Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit but also now have a relationship with brothers and sisters on a global basis.

Free Gift

The free gift of grace which we receive when we accept Christ as our Saviour takes us off the train of condemnation headed for eternity with no hope and rescues us from the burning hotel of self pleasure in which we enter upon birth as we desire nothing but to please and serve self and the prince of this world, is given through the sacrificial payment of Christ, the perfect lamb.

The gift given to us because of the great love and mercy of the Father towards us is not given because there is value in us, there is not. It is given because it pleased him to do so and so that one day God would hold us up to the praise of his glory.

When we desired nothing more than to eat spiritual faux foods and drink polluted spiritual water the Father gave us Christ's righteousness, so that when he looks at us he sees Christ's righteousness and not the wretchedness that is us. For even now if we were to smell our best efforts to try and please HIM, gain, keep, maintain or balance his favor and grace or make him pleased with us, the way God does, we would sooner be sprayed by a skunk. Christ Offers Living Water

No, grace is a free gift given by God because of his love for his creation upon which he places new abilities and faculties within us to use our heart, mind, spirit, soul to honor him and bring him glory. Yet, we do not use these abilities or faculties to maintain, retain, balance, or anything else to keep that relationship, it really is free, no strings attached.

The Only Catch

In fact here is the next catch if you never do another thing after truly accepting Christ as your Saviour while you may and will probably be a very miserable and unhappy person, God would love you no less or no more. You really are free to continue to live as you did but in doing so you reveal a lack of understanding of what you have been saved from.

For there is no longer any condemnation to those in Christ Jesus and nothing can separate them from the love of God. No one can take them out of God's hand, not even you. Now, that is freedom! Freedom to be who you were designed to be, an instrument of God's glory, finally.

The reason, though we would be miserable is that now we have the Holy Spirit living inside showing you the ways of truth which always leads us to be aware of the wrong we all do. When we ignore it or continue putting on the tuxedo of unrighteousness it will make us miserable.

In fact the conviction we may feel, or bad feelings, or uneasiness as we do something that we know is displeasing to God, may very well be proof that the Holy Spirit is at work in us and that we are now in Christ. For before we may have felt bad but only because it brought us discomfort, trouble or difficulty not because we know God was not pleased with that action.

Eternal Security

We now have eternal security, it really is real, that is why John said in 1 John 5:13 that you can know for sure that you have eternal life. How can we know that? Because the gift, the changing of our being and our ability to one day live with Christ is a complete work of God from beginning to end.

To ensure that we knew that HE was doing it and would continue to do it, HE gave us the Holy Spirit as a guarantee to our inheritance, a promise of our redemption and it is the Holy Spirit's job to present us blameless at the day of Christ's return, not ours.

God has done it, is doing it and will do it.YES! God has truly done it, is doing and will do it. There is nothing left for us to do, it really is a complete work of his of which we have no part in. To top it off God does not need our works or our efforts to please HIM. That is why Paul did not give us a direction, that now that you are saved you will, or now you will need to lay down your lives in sacrifice for the one who gave all as his instruments of glory and his vessels of honor.

No, he begs us, pleads with us, as it is our reasonable service. Why is it our reasonable service?

The Why

When we who were once dead, enemies of God, arrogant in our own minds and not indifferent but hostile towards God who if one were able to see our condition without Christ one would find a piece of roadkill more appealing realize that now we are the creator's beloved, HIS chosen bride, not because there is value in us or we chose him first but when we could get no worse he chose us. This creates within us a desire to say "I love you" to the one who loved us first.

Not because we should, or have to, but because we want to, because it becomes our greatest desire to know more of our Beloved. Then we offer ourselves up through worship and obedience to him in faith. As we do so, we say "THANK YOU" and "I LOVE YOU."

Then because we love God, we now desire to be in HIS word, to be in a relationship with HIM through prayer, and to serve others. We truly are able to find community in our new family for we were never meant to be alone and it is within all of us to desire to be in community.

The Only Reason

However, true community can only be found with those who have realized there is something or someone bigger than them. Yet, don't do things because someone commanded you, or told you that you had to, or you feel pressured, or coerced, or feel the need to do more for God or feel you now need to do something to keep, maintain, retain, balance or sustain your relationship with God or grace.

Do these things out of faith, based on the love of the Father, for any other reason is sin. Do these things because you realize that while Christ suffered all the ugliness of the cross we were deserving of it and yet God chose to rescue us from it. That is the only true motivation, the only motivation that will keep us moving forward on those dark nights.

Will you blow it, count on it because none of us are without sin. However he is always standing there with open arms ready to cover those wrongs, move them away from his presence as far as the east is from the west and run to you with loving arms. Because of the finished work of Christ we can always come confidently to the throne, even when we have blown it so bad others may question if we were ever saved. Because Christ is for us our hearts can no longer condemn us, which gives us confidence to come to God and accept his ever abundant, ever waiting forgiveness. God's grace counts on you blowing it!

What More Do We Need

Is there really any more we need or would ask God for then to literally be pulled out of Hell? (Yes, It's Real!) Why would we expect God also to make our lives happy, healthy and wealthy, it was not for us he did this but to the praise of his glory, so that all would know he is Lord.

He is far less interested in our well being, than he is in our being made into the image of Christ. Which often in our life it will feel like HE is doing major surgery on us without the anesthesia. In doing that he shows that he is deeply interested in us becoming who we were created to be which is really for our good and in our best interests.

That is why the question is not "what else do I need to do (He has done it, is doing it and will do it) but how can I say thanks." Now the answer to the question is, God's will for my life is no longer a mystery but one that he has made pretty easy.

God's Will

Wing it, Have fun and enjoy life.Here is what God’s will is, to glorify and worship HIM, serve others and place them above yourselves, do all things to God’s glory, and love others. After that you can wing it, have fun and enjoy life. Live like you were dying (because one day you will) live like you have nothing to lose (because you don’t) and live like rejection by others does not matter (because it does not) and most of all live like you know that the one who created the universe is madly in love with you. (because he is) Remember it’s not about us even when we think it is, it is always about HIM.

We pray this dialogue will go a long way toward helping you get started or move further in your walk of grace.

Walking In God's Grace

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