Let Us Help You

Hi! I am Mark Luker and I am the Executive Director of Re-Connections for World Prayr.

All of us at some point have needed a helping hand in one form or another. It really is nothing to be concerned about or ashamed of. World Prayr wants you to know we are here to serve you and help you. Possibly all you need is someone to simply pray for you.

World Prayr exists for exactly this mission; to better serve those who are in need. Without a need, we wouldn’t have a ministry or purpose to serve. World Prayr wants you to know we only exist so we can better serve and help, even if it’s merely to pray for you.

However, you may be looking for more, such as a church or may need even deeper help. One of the biggest areas we at World Prayr have found is that most need help in being connected to: fellow believers, ministries, churches and organizations that exist right where they are physically located. This is an area that World Prayr excels and exceeds in; helping you get reconnected to those who live in your community.

Your need may fall in line with some of the needs and hurts World Prayr has already seen and dealt with. Such as:

  1. "Thoughts of committing suicide."
  2. "My marriage is falling apart."
  3. "I had an abortion and now I feel guilty."

Take time and check out our testimonial page and read some of the testimonies of individuals just like yourself that World Prayr has already helped, even if it was just to encourage them.

If you want to post a prayer request, you can do so here and then we can share it with our prayer team and allow them to contact and specifically pray for you.

So if you’re feeling alone, afraid, don’t know where to turn, feeling hopeless, ashamed, disconnected or even disenchanted, let us be that arm of support for you.

Through the “Need Help” program, we will work to provide you with additional prayer, counsel, and possibly even get you re-connected to an offline ministry, outreach or church in your area that can provide you with even greater support. Perhaps it will bring you even closer to being part of the family we call the Body of Christ.

Below you will find a form, which in filling it out, will go a long way towards helping us better serve you. We want you to know we respect your confidentiality so much that only those individuals directly involved in helping you will ever have access to this information. We do not even share it with the World Prayr team, much less anyone outside of World Prayer. We really do respect and protect your privacy and sincerely “Thank You” for putting your trust in us.

We really do look forward to better serve you. You can reach me directly at mark@worldprayr.org.

Thank You!


Need Help?!!! PLEASE contact us at: prayr@worldprayr.org

Walking In God's Grace

Practical Answers To Tough Questions

World Prayr and Energion Publications have developed what we think is a wonderful resource for every believer who is on the grace walk. Here is what others have had to say about this resource.

"The pages of this book will expand your horizons and provoke thoughtful self examination."

  • Wendell O, Rovenstine
  • President
  • Bibles for China

"Walking in God’s Grace is an excellent discussion of what Christians often overlook God’s grace is not only essential to entering the Christian life, it is also essential for living it."

  • Dr. R.Larry Moyer
  • Founder & CEO
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Evantell

"World Prayr has created a much needed resource for believers—baby and bustling alike."

  • Susan Perlman
  • Founder & CEO
  • Associate Executive Director
  • Jews for Jesus

We pray that you will be blessed on your walk of grace through this wonderful book.

Perhaps you have further questions, or would like to know more about World Prayr we would love to hear from you. Take time and feel out the form below.

Let Us Help You

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