What follows is a list of resources we have put together for you that we believe you may find useful. It is our that you will find these resources immensely inspiring and encouraging in your Christian life.

We pray that these resources will encourage, inspire, motivate and challenge you to walk even deeper and closer with God. Also take time and check out the tracts from Energion Publications at the bottom.

Let us know if they help and encourage you, inspire, and challenge you.

EvanTell Ministries is a powerful ministry teaching and training others in the methods of Personal Evangelism. They have a free online course that just requires you to register and teaches the methods, and knowledge to be an effective witness for Christ. Take time and visit EvanTell today.

Walking In God's Grace

Practical Answers To Tough Questions

World Prayr and Energion Publications have developed what we think is a wonderful resource for every believer who is on the grace walk. Here is what others have had to say about this resource.

"The pages of this book will expand your horizons and provoke thoughtful self examination."

  • Wendell O, Rovenstine
  • President
  • Bibles for China

"Walking in God’s Grace is an excellent discussion of what Christians often overlook God’s grace is not only essential to entering the Christian life, it is also essential for living it."

  • Dr. R.Larry Moyer
  • Founder & CEO
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Evantell

"World Prayr has created a much needed resource for believers—baby and bustling alike."

  • Susan Perlman
  • Founder & CEO
  • Associate Executive Director
  • Jews for Jesus

We pray that you will be blessed on your walk of grace through this wonderful book.

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