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What others have said

What others have said

If you are viewing this page, it probably means one of three things:

  1. You're interested in learning more about what it is World Prayr does.

  2. You're a fellow brother or sister who is looking at whether the ministry or church you are part of should connect to World Prayr.

  3. You're a leader of a ministry or church who is considering allowing World Prayr to serve you as we walk this kingdom road together.

Our request is to please spend a few minutes to simply check out what God is doing at World Prayr. We would love to show you how we truly serve ALL our followers, ministries and church partners. We believe you will be blown away with what God is doing here at World Prayr to further advance His Kingdom!

To learn a little more we invite you to take a quick look at this video.

So to further illustrate the message of the video, here are the unique ways in which we are working to support your church or ministry.


  • Once a month we turn over our blog to your ministry in order to focus on your ministry as we work together to share what your ministry is doing to build God's kingdom.

  • During an entire month we focus on the ministry that has been chosen for the month on our site. Check out our “We Support” page.

  • We also aggressively promote your ministry through our streams through the entire month. In doing this we encourage our followers not only to get to know more about your ministry but to donate to it!

We do not ask anything of you, other than blog posts and maybe a video to help us promote you. This is something our team does freely as we work with you in helping to build HIS KINGDOM. It has been noted that this single focus increases traffic to a website four to five times its normal amount. Imagine getting focused, concentrated marketing for an entire month. What do you think it would cost you? With us it costs NOTHING!

If you are interested in helping people put feet on their prayers, this could be your place to serve. Within World Prayr there exists no superstars, no volunteers, only a team made up of Servant’s of the Most High God.


  1. As we deal with those who have serious needs, we often encounter those who are disconnected from the Body of Christ. So we take steps to try to find them churches or local bodies of believers in their area who can come alongside them and love them.
    We do not ask you, nor any other sources, to give money unless you choose to. The only thing we ask is that you treat them as the body should with loving open arms.

  2. We have a program that we are building and working on that we believe will be very beneficial to a lot of churches. The program is what we call “"Strengthening The Local" and is our hope in 2014 to implement and to see the program helping many local churches.

Through this program we will be working with churches to help them establish an online presence to further reach those in their community. We will teach them the same principles that enable us to have a global team of almost 150 servants reaching around the world. We ask that, if you are a church who does not have an online presence, you would consider talking to us and allow us possibly to serve in this way.

Right now this program is only offered to a select few churches across the globe.


We are working on a powerful concept we call FaithFactr. We have been working on this for what will be three years by the time it is done. FaithFactr will be an online store that will have a strict ministry focus.

The store will be a cross between say a Kohl, Ross, Target and a Christian Bookstore, carrying everything from books, music, DVD, natural products, clothing, Bibles to Home Decor. We promise you there is nothing on the web right now like this store. Yet, that is not what makes it really unique.

NO! The unique part is that 100% of the profit will be given to a church or ministry of your choice. Tomorrow, go to your local Christian bookstore and ask them who they will give 50% of the profit of your purchase to. We know, they will look at you dumbfounded!

However, we are not giving away just 50%; we are giving away 100% of the profit. Every time you check out you will be asked who you would like to give your percentage of the profit to. As long as it is a church or ministry in which aligns with World Prayr doctrinal stands, we will mail them a check, even if it is your own ministry or church.

This was the ultimate vision we felt God had given us as we looked at how we cannot only look after our things but the things of others too. So take some time and check out FaithFactr to see what's coming and how it might help you and your chosen ministry or church.

So, hopefully, you can see that we really are aggressively working to support churches and ministries around the globe as we work together to build HIS Kingdom.

Please prayerfully consider joining with us as we continue on our global mission to reconnect all back to The ONE Most High.

If this is of specific interest to you, simply email us at One of our qualified servant leaders will gladly, quickly, respond to your inquiry. .

Until then, we will continue to keep you and your organization in our prayers as we lift them all up to our Lord, for His glory. In all scenarios, we simply ask you to prayerfully ask God to see if He is moving you to partner with us. We would love for the opportunity to show how we can better serve you.


"World Prayr is a very innovative, unique ministry using current technology to meet the world’s greatest need since the first sin of man – one person praying for another. World Prayr has grown from an idea with one man to a world-wide ministry. Through a group of dedicated volunteers working with a finely tuned organizational structure World Prayr is having an impact around the globe. I have found the World Prayr leaders to be people of integrity with a great love for God and a belief that Prayer moves the heart of God. This is a truly amazing ministry"

Barry Werner

COO Bibles for China

"It has been a great blessing to have World Prayr stand with us in ministry and praying for the Jewish people. Prayer is what we need more than ever. Praise the Lord for World Prayr who have helped spread the Gospel and made Jewish ministry a high priority on their web site"

Sean Trank

Media Producer Jews for Jesus

“World Prayr is very church friendly and helps connect people to the body of believers "offline". They are a blessing in helping others understand the gospel and word of God. I am very thankful for prayer throughout the world and believe God truly uses it. If the church is going to awaken, prayer and God will do it and World Prayr is building to get there”.

Rick Monds

Pastor for 16 years at Lone Star Baptist Church in Lone Star, Texas, USA.

“World Prayr is an awesome on-line ministry which uses social networking media, particularly Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to provide encouragement, support, and prayer to hurting people around the world. The ministry is doing an amazing work and has a unique place in the Body of Christ. I wholeheartedly support the work of World Prayr”.

Pedro Okoro Pastor

Pastor and award-winning author, Rev Pedro Okoro was chairperson of the Executive Board of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA), and is currently a member of the Council of the Evangelical Alliance, in the United Kingdom. Pedro is the Lead Pastor of New Covenant Church, in Wallington, Surrey, United Kingdom.

"I have known the wonderful people at World Prayr pretty much from the day they began this wonderful ministry. I have always found them to be a group with a deep love for the Lord, a huge heart for ministry and a burning desire to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ. World Prayr is “big” kingdom oriented, that is, the coming kingdom of our Lord; not “little” kingdom minded, focusing on what is best for them, rather than the needs of the body of Christ. Working with, the supporting the ministry efforts of, our being ministered to by the team at World Prayr will be a blessing in your life, I am sure of it. And you will bless them in allowing them to further the work the Lord has so clearly called them to do."

Andy Coticchio

President – EvanTell Ministries

“In an era of ever-increasing virtual activity, it is refreshing to see the innovative approach to ministry embodied by the team at WorldPrayr. Their intentional creativity to be salt and light online, supporting various ministries and individuals, is a bold example of what it means for us to be a relevant, faithful witness to the Gospel in the 21st century. Our organization has benefitted from them, both in terms of boosting our online visibility, but equally in terms of personal, prayer support. Even in a relatively short period of time, we have already been richly blessed by our relationship with WorldPrayr. I commend their work with the highest admiration!”.

Cullen Rodgers-Gates

Director of Operations
Congo Initiative Inc.

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