How You Can Serve Others Through World Prayr

How can you help World Prayr carry out its mission? To answer this question we have developed a video or you can continue reading or do both, if you so choose. No matter how you choose, we pray you will choose to "Help Us Accomplish Our Mission"

Here are some specific ways you can help World Prayr.

  1. Pray, Pray, Pray

    We are on a definitive mission to put feet on the many prayer requests we receive daily. The World Prayr team itself needs prayer is obvious. Since World Prayr began its mission, leaders have seen increased spiritual attacks on their personal life and spiritual journey. Our overall team carries the daily burden of bearing others burdens and the responsibility of encouraging them. Please keep us and those we serve, constantly in your prayers!

  2. Serve

    There are many ways to serve in World Prayr. We are always looking for and aggressively recruiting, true “Servants’ of the Most High God”.

Here are some ways you can serve Others through World Prayr.

A. We need moderators: who work behind the scenes on our social sites posting encouraging words, videos, thoughts, verses, praying for others, and responding to prayer requests.

Here is what two of our team members had to say.

“A World Prayr moderator must have a burning love for the Lord and compassion to pray and praise with others. We’re here to serve and glorify our Savior as a vessel of the vision of the World Prayr ministry.” - Janice Burdsall, Director of World Prayr

“A moderator for World Prayr Inc. knows and supports the vision of World Prayr Ministries to reconnect a broken world to Christ and His Church. A moderator intercedes for those who are broken and hurting with Prayer and supplication and gives words of comfort and wisdom. A moderator uses scripture as the main source for bringing help, healing and encouragement to those who are following and listening. A moderator seeks the Lord for His will and power to perform what is needed to bring healing and wholeness to a broken world”Katherine Russell, Senior Team Member.


B. We need skills: being a web based ministry places us in the unique position of needing constant web based services, such as:

  1. Research Skills
  2. Data Processing
  3. Web Design
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Software Development
  6. General IT Skills
  7. Support Staff

Other Needs

C. Bloggers

D. Online marketing help

E. Those willing to create and post quality videos

F. We need individuals to create images with verses and quotes on them for posts for us to use.

G. Can you create Biblical nuggets of truth, then we can sure use you.

H. “Reconnectors”, those who will be directly reconnecting those who are hurting to those who can provide support

I. Help in our FaithFactr store development

What Else is needed?

Donations: We are a global ministry in constant need of support in a multitude of ways, from financial, time and other resources.


  1. We can always use financial support as most ministries do. We not only would ask that you donate to us directly, but you also consider donating to the ministries we directly support! On our "Support Us" you can discover just how to do both, we have made it really easy for you.
  2. Perhaps you do not have money to give, skills or even time, but you have other resources that you feel will be a big help to World Prayr. If so, let us know and we’ll get you involved and connected. There is almost nothing that cannot be used to Glorify God, whether it be perceived as either too little or too insignificant.


Like most organizations and ministries, World Prayr needs help getting our message noticed, exposed, publicized and heard. We need help in three main areas of promotion.

  1. Making connections – If you can help us make connections to ministries, organizations, individuals who may be interested in serving, connecting, or helping us in some way, we would be eternally grateful to hear from you.
  2. Word of mouth - The old fashioned rule of “word of mouth advertising” is still the best.


Sharing – Our leaders are all gifted communicators and are always looking for ways to get out our message. We would welcome the opportunity to share at your Church, ministry, or organization.

As you can see there are many needs, opportunities and ways to serve God through World Prayr. If you are interested in becoming a part of this wonderful, Godly, team, we look forward to hearing from you and getting started together. You can contact us immediately at
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