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World Prayr wants you tobe a leader.


So you want to be and are ready to be a leader in World Prayr? If you were thinking that a ministry that would take a different view on volunteers takes a different view on leadership, you would be right. What follows is an explanation of what World Prayr looks for in its leaders and what they believe best looks like how Jesus led.

World Prayr has taken a radically different look at leadership. We differ from the world’s view of leadership which measures an individual’s perceived rank, stature, role, achievement, or even influence. We believe we are ALL called to be Warriors for Christ. Thus: LEADERS.

Our approach is definitely not traditional, but neither is the God we serve. To be uninvolved is to fall into the devil’s trap. This isn’t our mandate, but God’s.

Even in servitude Christ himself led. Has there ever been a greater leader than Jesus? Yet, equally, was there ever a greater, obedient, servant than Jesus?

We believe you lead from a position of humility, inner motivation and passion. Be engaged, involved and energized. You need to get in the game.

One finds that inner motivation, passion and purpose not on focusing on the now but the WHO, the WHY and the BEYOND. When one realizes that the God of the universe chased us, chose us and redeemed us expecting or desiring nothing in return, it creates not a desire to live a passionless life or life lived just existing day to day waiting to die. Rather, it creates a desire to live a life with the purpose of bent knee, the motivation of gratitude and the passion of a life sacrificed for the glory and purpose of pleasing the one who calls us HIS beloved.

All are called, and many will answer. But it is our job to aggressively seek those who have not yet responded. EVERYONE can and should lead, not because you must, but because you are called.

God has a specific purpose, plan and use for each of our lives. We are not to be put on the shelf and taken out when someone else reaches out to you. We are to reach out to all so that many will come.

If you're interested in leading in a way that brings the touch of God's grace into each life God brings into yours, in being and vessels of glory and purpose for God, then welcome to "Leadership The World Prayr Way" and what we believe best REPRESENTS leading like JESUS!

So, Ready to get to work and to take that leap, to be a huge risk taker, then let’s get started by allowing us to serve you and get you started by filling out our leadership questionnaire. Fill out the form below and we will get right back to you. When you fill out the form just be sure to place in the message field that you are interested in being a leader.

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