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We at World Prayr believe that in the body of Christ, all have been called and chosen to be messengers of the gospel of grace. Though flawed and weak, we really are God’s cracked, chosen vessels of the message of grace (1 Peter 2:9). As a result there are no glorified heads, nor is this one person’s platform, but where all are working as “Servants Of The Most High God” to meet the needs that they see constantly.

We work as an “ohana,” in service to each other and others. Their service is their worship offering to the One who calls them the apple of His eye (Psalm 17:3). As a result, for the most part they choose to not be known nor seen, because they do not desire to take the glory away from the one who deserves it. However, we recently asked them to come out from behind the scenes to reveal that there is indeed more than one face behind the ministry of World Prayr.

We did this in two ways:

  • 1) We created a montage of the faces hard at work serving others.
  • 2) We then asked them to create a one-word statement revealing their thoughts on what World Prayr means to them.

Perhaps you will see a face or two that you recognize. Keep in mind that these are the ones that are working hard on the mission of World Prayr, and in doing so it is the hope of that we will be more than a faceless organization and that you will be encouraged to be a part of this ohana.

Faces Of World Prayr

World Prayr Team

In One Word Describe World Prayr

Difference Makers

In shining a light on God’s amazing love and grace, we can share some of the testimonies of those who serve faithfully in World Prayr. We think, after reading just a few of our testimonies, you will also agree that the first lives being touched by World Prayr are those serving within.

After reading how their lives have been touched, perhaps you will want to be come a part of this wonderful team of servants. If you would like to do, we would be blessed to have you join us. So, please take a moment and fill out the form below.

How Our Lives Are Enriched

  • "I am blessed to serve God as part of World Prayr. I have come to understand the joy of being God's servant. His blessings and mercies are just overflowing daily. My life is so blessed in so many levels. I have become grounded in His Word because of World Prayr Ministry."

    - M.P.

  • "I feel so blessed having World Prayr as my “Ohana”, my family in Christ.. I've felt that knowing that there are people out there sharing the same love of JESUS and to be able to reach the unreachable for Him is just so wonderful. Praying for others through World Prayr has been my testimony on how wonderful GOD is and that there are still many people out there that need to be reassured of their faith in GOD."

    - F.F.

  • "I am truly blessed to serve God with World Prayr because I can get connected with people from all over the world and bless them through prayers, encouragements, bible verses or many other things. And to witness how God moves through social media and uses it as a tool to share the good news to everyone. Also to get connected with other people who serve in World Prayr, they are from different nations and I can be blessed through them and we can strengthen each other as one body of Christ.”

    - M.E.

  • "I recently joined World Prayr and am excited to serve others similarly to how I too was served by the ministry and team. For 2 years off and on, I have followed World Prayr on twitter, and am always blessed by the scriptures and messages tweeted. Then while going through a very dark place in my life, feeling lost, hopeless with having thoughts of suicide going through my head, I ran across a tweet sharing a verse from Romans, which touched my heart. IT GOT ME THINKING about God's love, giving me new hope... many prayers later, I was able to move forward in my walk of faith and have not looked back since. World Prayr has brought me through a lot with the scriptures and prayers, I am very thankful and blessed. I have been able to grow spiritually with the help of a local body of believers and church. I am looking forward to growing even closer to the Lord."

    - M.F.

  • "I live and work in Nigeria and I have been with World Prayr Twitter Team for over two years now. I consider it a privilege to serve in World Prayr because any opportunity you are given to minister and help other people should not be taken for granted. Truly serving on World Prayr has been a blessing! Just the knowledge that I have an online family that prays for me every week is such a comfort and source of strength to me, moreover I get to pray for other team members as well. So, iron sharpens iron. My Twitter Day leaders are very nice. I think I have lost count of how many times their weekly emails would have a phrase, a sentence or sometimes a Bible verse that was just what I needed to get through that day or that situation. Definitely a word in season. I thank God for his Grace upon their lives and how he is using them. I think the biggest blessing or inspiration though, comes from the twitter prayer requests/tweets themselves. There is a lot of pain, sadness and confusion in the world, while I am powerless to do anything to ease their distress but I have allowed God to teach me how to pray. I have learned how to leave the things that I do not understand for the one who does understand (God). I have learned not to be all about my own problems, what I want, how quickly I think God should answer my prayers etc. the truth is there is nothing new under the sun. What we go through someone, somewhere probably has gone through a similar experience. So speak the Word, speak life into that situation and God will give you victory. I want to thank everyone on the World Prayr team, especially Janice and Brenda for their patience because sometimes am late for my shifts God bless you for being so understanding. And lots of thanks to my day leaders as well and I pray God will continue to enable us all to do greater and mightier works for his kingdom in Jesus name. Amen"

    - T.I.

  • "I joined World Prayr five years ago. I saw the call to serve on Twitter and I applied. It didn’t feel like much, but God always pays for what He orders. As I served, God began to bless me on Social Media! I met my wife; the most beautiful woman in the world on Facebook as well as many other people whom God has used to change my life. God has been good to me and I can trace all of that blessing to my connection with World Prayr, they made me see that the Social Media is a channel to preach the Gospel and to save lives. I want to use this opportunity to thank the leadership of World Prayr, may God continue to empower you. I celebrate you all."

    - W.A.

  • "I discovered World Prayr, I forget, how many years ago, through twitter, while I was in high school. Serving as a moderator, reading prayer requests and of course praying for them, really does impact me in a lot of ways. I feel that I am blessed in a way that I'm honored that I get to do what I am doing. When I read the prayer requests, I can feel their burden and sometimes just "cry with them". Prayer for them I'm feeling blessed because it's a powerful moment that you're also blessing people, channeling God's blessing. Sometimes I may be able to also help people when they have questions of faith, some simple, some difficult, I'm very happy if I can help others understand what we hold dear as truth. And sometimes it's just not faith related things. Like recently I had a conversation with a fellow Indonesian who's trying to pass IELTS/TOEFL and I helped in correcting mistakes, suggesting what to do to learn better. And serving in World Prayr also means you're a part of a family. When I first started receiving emails from World Prayr I chuckled when it says "We are Ohana, Ohana means Family" because it kept reminding me of the cartoon Lilo and Stitch. I'm really blessed by the relationships, the connections, and conversations I have with other people at World Prayr and how we also encourage one another in prayer."

    - C.L.

  • "What blesses me the most is knowing that we are not working alone. We work tandem with one another as a faithful team with a heart for God, sharing testimonies, prayers and encouragement, while coming alongside people to help them. Faithful dedication to serve is the aim of World Prayr to reconnect people to a broken world, sharing gospel of grace to people new to grace or struggling with a variety of circumstances. We seek to support ministries who are working toward our same goals and doing it from different approaches, helping those with specific needs, to those struggling with alcohol and drugs, abortion issues, troubling past. It truly means that we are reaching people at their point of need."

    - E.R.

  • "I am blessed to be serving at World Prayr because World Prayr is a ministry made up of many others - from all over the world - who have come together in his service. At World Prayr, I am not serving God where I am - but where He is. God saved me so that I may serve Him and that is the most precious blessing of all."

    - M.L.

  • "It is my pleasure to share with you what World Prayr means to me. I am blessed to be a part of this team which focuses a lot on the Gospel of Grace. It cares for souls to lead them to Christ.It is not a surprise to see that many who hunger to know about God,are being unministered, neglected and abondoned. We too are occupied with worldly affairs that the work of the Lord takes a backseat in our priorities. It is one of the reasons why He has chosen me to be a part of this exciting team. I wish to continue to serve Him til Jesus returns. World Prayr is a blessing for prayer support, encouragement and mentoring to everyone all over the world. It has been supporting new born ministries in growing the Kingdom of God and has been reconnecting the broken world. World Prayr has been following the example of the Servant King, growing the servant hearts in all, in its circle including the founder, president, directors, administrators and all the team members. The members of this team have a great desire to, "Not be served but to serve". I find joy in being a part of this exciting team in the Lord, by preaching His word wherever I might reach, through interpreting His word with missionaries and pastors, by sending up my posts and teaching the ladies and children. It is all done to glorify His name, not just for what He has done for us, but for who He is to us. May God bless all of the members of World Prayr who work so hard to serve others."

    - S.E.

  • "Our World Prayr Family is working hard to reconnect a broken world as we remain aware and ready to reply to those in need of prayer. We, as a team, hold the hand of each other and make a circle and Jesus is the Head of this circle, as He guides us with every step and by the Grace of God, our circle is very strong, In the Name of Jesus it is working very well. Jesus is the most beautiful and great lover and He taught us to love each other and we always want to share this love to all the world. We are spreading the words of Jesus and encouraging the unsaved and saved alike in Christ. Jesus is blessing the World Prayr ministry day by day. The people are very thankful for the outreach of World Prayr and come toward Jesus through it. World Prayr is very important in my life and I receive many blessings from serving here. I have been given a very loving World Prayr Family as they give me lots of love, blessings, prayers, greetings and great encouragement. I love them so much. I feel much respect, blessings and greetings from the World Prayr Family and from other people who are connected with World Prayr."

    - T.A.

So, ready to join or at least pray about becoming part of the World Prayr family. Please feel free to fill out the form below.

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