The Impact

“An increase in the individualization of Internet surfing also increases the danger of isolation on the Internet.” - Church Crunch Mag, September 2013

World Prayr agrees because it has seen it first hand while offering prayer, support, one on one counseling, mentoring, scripture and encouragement to those whom almost a team of almost 150 different servants of the most high God, represented by as many as 18 different countries are blessed to serve. We have seen the isolation and the disconnect. This is why we have chosen to make what most call social media our mission field. See below for another way of stating this.

World Prayr agrees with this statement because we have seen the isolation and disconnect first hand. Daily, a team of approximately 150 servants of the most high God, who represent 18 different countries, are blessed to serve by offering prayer support, one-on-one counseling, mentoring and encouragement to lonely and disconnected individuals. This is why we have chosen to make what most call “social media” our mission field.

So the question comes “Is what World Prayr is doing making an impact?”.

Well, let's take a look at some facts and share some stories and you determine for yourself whether you feel World Prayr is making an impact as an online ministry.

The Facts

  • Began aggressively serving The One Most High God in 2009.

  • Started with ONE servant, now have almost 150.

  • Began in just the states and now reaches numerous countries (Last count 18), ministries, in numerous social media platforms.

  • Started with ONE follower on Twitter, now have over 70,000. Not to mention we now have Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.

  • Started by simply praying for one person – now sees an average of 25 per day and 25 per hour on weekend and holidays.

  • Started with answering one serious need for a family about to be displaced – now sees on average 65 per month of serious needs. Needs such as suicides, need of a local church, post-abortions, depression, financial strain and hurt, just to name a few.

Recently one of our Senior Team Leaders, (which we consider our Ministry Advisory and Accountability team as they are a little different than our Board), gave us a 10 rating on our international impact. For indeed we have a huge international impact with leaders serving from countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, Egypt and England.

While we share stories, the effectiveness of any ministry is not or should not be solely measured by numbers or how or what kind of impact they are having on those they are reaching. They should also be measured by the impact and the growth and discipleship of those who are actively serving and leading, starting with the person at the top. Are their lives being changed? Are they growing in their walk? When that is considered, the stories of the impact World Prayr is having is huge.

We share some of those stories as well.


The man’s name is Tim. He was serving as a moderator with World Prayr when the leaders found out that he was without hot water, a refrigerator and could not pay his bills. He was also having doubts about his salvation and was not connected to a church.

World Prayr, with the help of another ministry, was able to obtain a refrigerator, food, and help him catch up on his bills, which enabled him to get hot water. He was also connected to a local church in his area. World Prayr reached out to a local pastor and helped Tim get connected to the pastor. Then, through this church and one-on-one sessions with the leadership team of World Prayr, Tim found greater assurance of his faith. Shortly thereafter, Tim’s wife passed away. His church family and his World Prayr family was there to support him.

Tim, through further mentoring of the World Prayr leadership team and the pastor of the local church, has grown tremendously in his walk. He now serves with the youth department and other committees of his church and is one of the pastor’s best friends. He also is now a leader and always plugging for World Prayr. He has grown deeply in his understanding of God’s Word and is able to teach others.


The young lady reached out hopeless. Her name was Cindy. She was about to be evicted and had nowhere to turn. World Prayr leadership began praying with her. We reached out and made contact with her landlord, convinced him to work with her and give her time to pay. We made contact with some other agencies for additional help. In the meantime World Prayr continued to pray with her and mentor her in God’s Word. We helped her find a local church body who would come alongside her and support her. Today she is past her difficult time and serving God faithfully.


A young lady was looking for someone to talk with and pray for her, as she had just discovered that she was pregnant. She was scared to break the news to her parents and scared of the prospect of giving birth and being a mother.

As a daughter, she was her parent's pride and joy, and as a high school student, she was getting close to graduation. She was feeling increasing pressure to finish school and also facing the weight of ruining her family's honor in what she was facing. Her boyfriend and father of the baby was growing distant, which caused more confusion, fear and the feeling of being alone.

In a period of 5 months, our team was able to remain in close contact with her, to pray with her and reassure her that God will always love her and that He would be with her always.

There was several months that we didn't hear from her. When she did return, she told us that she had terminated the pregnancy with the insistence of her father.

She shared the following, "I know I need to pick myself up, go to therapy and start my healing process. But all I think about is my baby that I'll never get to know. I yearn for that more than anything else.. Part of me is gone I feel I have nothing to live for. I have done something I won't ever forget.. I feel empty in so many ways. I've lost weight, I have no appetite and I also have sleepless nights.. I feel what I've done will be with me no matter where I go.. seeing babies is the worst feeling ever. I manage to hide it very well though, no one realizes my silent scream knowing I'll never get to hold mine "

As time has gone on, she has begun therapy and is slowly healing. She praises God for carrying her through, forgiven herself as she is growing in her faith. She has found a church home and has the reassurance from the Lord that He still loved her even though she had made these decisions.

"I'm so happy to be writing to you, I've been doing well on my walk with Christ growing each day, there have been struggles and set backs of past pains and experiences. But I no longer focus on my situation but rather on the Father, in the day to day, I sometimes feel defeated. But in the spirit I know I'm more than a conqueror, I've joined a Bible based church and I have a friend from school who has also surrendered her life to Christ, she is a great help as sometimes this journey gets lonely.. Spending time with God daily has truly helped me... I thank you for helping me get on this path. "

She still struggles with wondering and thinking about the baby she would have had, yet feels especially blessed to be assured that one day she will be reunited with her child she never got to hold.

We are blessed and honored that God allowed a member of our team to be a sort of father figure as she reached out for someone to talk to, for prayer support, biblical wisdom and encouragement in the darkest times of one's life.


We connected with a young lady attending seminary school. She told us that she was feeling demotivated. She was struggling emotionally, with debt of student loans, credit card debt and over draft fees. She expressed that she was feeling guilty, not qualified, lazy and loosing focus on her goals for the future. She felt as if she were "running out of time".

As she is finishing her first year in theology studying to become a Pastor, she is wondering what's the use, after all, she is such a failure, what kind of Pastor would she make?

"At times, I wish it could be over and that I was in heaven already.. even though I know I should embrace my struggles like Christ did – Hebrews 5. I just don't know any more".

After praying with her and sharing God's word she seems to be stronger and more at peace. Plans to "always involve the Holy Spirit in her planning and praying, to help her face her future".


A wife and mother of 4 was out of work and food, no money for rent. Both mom and dad were unemployed. They had borrowed from many with no way to repay.

One morning, they had only enough food left in house to feed the 3 yr old one slice of bread and few spoons of sugar. Fortunately, mom was still nursing the baby. Later in the day we got a note to say God was working on their behalf as a neighbor came over with some bread and cake she had gotten from a lady at her church.

A few days later, the mom wrote, "With tears in my eyes I'm typing this boy told me earlier that he wants food after I had gave him all we had of this morning cake and bread with water. I was devastated; I had to tell him that's all we've got. I just pray this suffering can come to an end now".

Praise God!

After more weeks went by, after much prayer, further correspondence, we got a note saying, "I want to thank our Heavenly Father he blessed me by opening a door for me, he gave me the job that I interviewed for".

The mom is now thankful for God's provisions for her family. "God is really a God of the impossible. Please do not stop praying with me for me and my family. My husband is still unemployed, but we trust God in this".


The man had suffered a stroke, after brain surgery, and he felt unsure of himself and he questioned what use he could possibly be to anyone. A few months later he would meet some World Prayr team members. The challenge to join not as a volunteer but as a servant spoke and challenged him that maybe God was not quite done with him. The experience of being part of a family gathered all over the world was new, exciting and a true blessing to him.

Today he is a key leader in World Prayr and has discovered that God did indeed still have a purpose for him. As he is blessed to serve in a family of servants who minister to others all over the world.

The key point to remember here is that a web ministry is not a project to be completed. Instead, it is an ongoing ministry that requires attention and commitment—just like other forms of communication and other ministries. An Internet ministry does not and will not replace the importance of a physical Christian community. The Internet cannot think, love, or physically hug. But, if it is done well, a successful Internet ministry... results in even more opportunities to interact in a personal way.Ministry Matters – June 2011

Hopefully you will see by the stories and the facts that World Prayr has taken on as its mission field social media. Encouragingly you will see that we are making an impact as we serve God with our best and then prayerfully you will consider joining with us or partnering with us.

We look forward to serving you and with you on this journey. Take time and learn more about the ministry by checking out the rest of the site. Send us an email at We would love to hear from you.
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