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We are deeply blessed and thankful you have been led to give to the work of World Prayr. We have tried to make this a real simple process, by following the following steps.

  • Click on the amount you wish to enter!
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World Prayr needs your support in six key areas!

  1. SUPPORT a ministry or an an organization, we are connected to.

    You can go to our “We Support” page and find a ministry or organization you feel you would like to support and at the very least by praying for them.

  2. PRAY for us!

  3. DONATE your time, we are always in need of help. If you are interested, you may do so by contacting us at

  4. PROMOTE World Prayr. As you do this you will ultimately be supporting again those ministries we are connected to.

  5. SHOP our store FaithFactr where 100% of the profit goes back to a church or ministry of your choice. Every time you buy something, 100% of the profit from that purchase will go to the ministry or church you choose. So we encourage you to SHOP-N-DONATE!

  6. GIVE! We sure can use the help as we work to build HIS kingdom

Perhaps you have seen how World Prayr really is working to be aggressive in building HIS kingdom. Now you can help us carry out that mission in one of several ways as shown above.

Thank you for helping us set a new example and standard of living and serving as a ministry.


Is my donation secure?

This is why all of our donations go through PayPal! More than 300,000 nonprofits received over $4.6 billion through PayPal in 2012. We use PayPal as our donation vendor and payable transaction carrier and as a result we are subject to the terms, conditions, rules, and regulations, of PayPal, its vendors and affiliates. With PayPal, donors can trust that their contributions are secure and their financial information will not be exposed. Since PayPal actually hosts the payment pages, your information is protected and securely transmitted.

We will indicate acceptance of your donation as well as send you a receipt which you may use for tax purposes.

What shows up on my PayPal account

The donation you are making today will show up both on your PayPal account and the receipt you receive from us reflecting as a DONATION in that amount.

Is my donation tax deductible?

World Prayr is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization which means that all donations are tax-deductible.

Do I get a receipt?

You will get a receipt from PayPal and also at the end of the year you will receive one from us for tax purposes.

Do You Disclose My Information?

For our Terms and Privacy Policy please check out the footer. One of the reasons we use PayPal is to protect you from any potential harm that may occur as a result of giving your information. You can be assured that because we use PayPal we never have access to any of your personal financial information.

Are you listed with any non-profit organizations?

Yes we are listed with GuideStar! You can view our listing.

What is my donation used for?

100% of your donation goes towards helping someone in need, providing resources to help alleviate, pray for, encourage, mentor or provide counseling for someone in need. Take time to check out our “The Impact” page and “Testimonies” page to see some of the stories. Salaries and administrative expenses are covered through private individuals, our store, grants, funds and foundations.

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