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Mission Statement: Spread Truth is a nonprofit organization passionate about making the Gospel available to everyone, everywhere all around the world.

Spread 1truth believes every heart is searching for answers that explain how the world began, what went wrong, if hope can be found, and what the future might hold. Only God’s Story provides the most beautiful, cohesive answer to the questions echoing in every heart. People need to hear this Story.

There are many stories in the Bible - and they aren't a series of unrelated events and happenings, they actually tell one big, true story. The Story presents an overview of the amazing account of God's creation of the world, man's disobedience, God's rescue plan, and ultimately the total restoration of His creation. This is both for the believer (being equipped with the film/app to share the gospel more clearly) and the unbeliever (exposing them to the full narrative of scripture).

The Gospel has always been the answer to the questions raging every heart and soul. But the way a Christian shares it is key. As Timothy Keller has said, everyone must share the beauty of the God’s Story in a way that makes the hearer’s heart burn with hope, wishing it to be true.

This is our passion at Spread Truth: to create groundbreaking Gospel-sharing tools and then scatter them to the farthest corners of the world through mission-minded Christians. Today, we invite you to participate in a Gospel movement that has the power to change lives, families, communities, nations—even the world.

Together, we must work to expand the Gospel’s global reach, see lives changed forever, and make Gospel Everywhere a reality.

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