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The initiative promotes the following principles:

VISION: To train and develop strong, indigenous Christian leaders to transform their communities and their nation of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

MISSION: To model, nurture and shape an authentic redemptive community of Christ’s followers whose calling is to transform the society in the DRC.

GUIDING VALUES: Congo Initiative (CI) – Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo (UCBC–The Christian Bilingual University of Congo) is a Christian and non-profit organization, whose members are:

  • Conscious of the multidimensional crisis that affects the progress and welfare of the Congolese society;
  • Driven by the desire to promote integrated development characterized by the renewal of the intelligence of Congolese citizens for the change of mentality and the awakening to the maximum potential;
  • And proclaim their commitment to provide for the Congolese nation training and services of the following values:

Community life: Create opportunities for sharing experience and spiritual practices by promoting a learning process based on spiritual principles of mentoring and discipleship made through various activities.

Service: Promoted for the creation of an environment for the developing of Christ like characters in men and women who will become agents of transformation by expanding the Kingdom of God in the society

Reflection: Allow dialogue and interactive learning in groups, so as to conciliate knowledge and practice into action for the formulation of solutions relating to the country’s context.

Integration: Develop a holistic ministry associating the mind, emotion and action in theology, politics and business, for both individuals and communities.

To accomplish this mission, the Lord has put into the minds of CI-UCBC board members a goal formulated as follows:

GOAL: To see Congolese society transformed and developed through model leaders who implement Kingdom values and act as agents of change.

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