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Here at EvanTell, we’re all about the simple, clear message of the gospel and we are committed to helping believers experience a more evangelistic lifestyle.

We help believers overcome the two biggest challenges in evangelism – (1) fear, and (2) not knowing how – so that they can go and have an immediate and eternal impact for the Kingdom.

At the core of EvanTell’s strategy and evangelism training is creating the boldness and know-how in believers to become champions for the gospel in their spheres of influence. This includes churches, communities, schools, workplaces, or wherever the Lord sends them. In addition, all of our personal evangelism training encourages individuals to personally disciple those they lead to trust Christ and to help assimilate new believers into a local church.

How do we do it?

Simplify. Clarify. Multiply. Follow the blessing. We’re focused on bringing solutions to challenges in evangelism — both personal evangelism and sharing Christ with an entire culture. As we simplify and clarify the message, the Lord’s blessing leads us in the direction He has planned for the ministry.

Where do we do it?

EvanTell is an international ministry with evangelism resources in more than 55 languages. Our ministry partners are in more than 15 countries, and our resources are used around the world wherever the gospel is declared.

Why do we do it?

Our passion and concern is for the lost. We are called to partner with the Church and believers around the world to ensure that every person that has not trusted Christ has an opportunity to hear the gospel declared clearly and simply in their heart language. That’s our focus and passion. We will do this until Jesus comes back.

You can contact EvanTell Ministries either on their website, their Twitter page or their Facebook page.

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