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Power Of Purity

Perhaps there is no greater battle that a man must fight then the purity of his heart, his purity in his relationship with God and his relationship with others. If he is married then those other relationships begin first with his wife and then if he has children, with them next.

Purity does not just extend to his what his eyes look at, but the concept of purity also extends towards his thoughts, motives and what he gives control of his body and heart too. The greatest weapon that every man has to fight this battle is the gospel of grace. For in it's message one finds the to bring God's light, truth, healing, redemption, restoration, and Kingdom to the most wounded, broken, confused, disoriented, and messed up on this planet.

This is the purpose of the ministry of the power of purity. A ministry proclaiming the message of sexual purity throughout the 26 prisons of the Missouri State Prison System. Tony Ingrassia founded the ministry based on his own struggles and now as a Licensed Professional Counselor he brings the truths that brought delivery for himself to other men.

They have a wonderful three book offering, that they have developed to further the message of purity. Which you can find on their website 3-Book Set

You can contact Power Of Purity Ministries either on their website, or their Facebook page.

You can also learn more about them by watching the following video

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