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World Prayr is blessed to have formed a team and to be collaborating with both EvanTell Ministries and Deep Blue Marketing to bring local bodies of believers the following program. Which has already been hailed by some as a combination of 21st century "Missionology" and a Unique "Church Planting Program" for the 21st century. By teaching churches how to go as mission teams into a new area of "Mission Outreach" called Social Media for free. That's correct,"Free."

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Years ago churches advertised themselves through the yellow pages; nowadays churches not only advertise through the phone book but also with signs placed in the yards and through the Internet. Web ministry is a great tool for connecting with the church members and those seeking a church or needing a ministry. To discover our reasons for having an Internet ministry feel free to check out our post entitled “Why Internet Ministry”.

Why Not

Why Not



Reach the city

Reach the city


One must not underestimate the importance of integrating such a ministry with the entire congregation.

According to the 2011 Pew Internet and American Life Project, 79 percent of those active in religious groups use the Internet; 46 percent use social media. That's respectively compared to 75 and 49 percent of non-religious Americans. - abc NEWS - August 2012

However, if you are not currently using social media or feel you may not be maximizing it to your full potential, do not feel alone. Here are some more interesting facts concerning churches who do have a web presence.

From a survey 1,003 Protestant congregations conducted in September 2010 were sponsored by LifeWay’s Digital Church partner, Fellowship Technologies.

  1. 40% of churches don't use any social media tools.
  2. Only 27% of churches with less than 50 people use Facebook.
  3. Only 47% of churches actively use Facebook
  4. Only 78% of churches have a website. Less than half of those churches use their site for interactive purposes (prayer requests, event registration, streamlining church processes)
  5. Only 15% of churches update their site more than once a week. 40% update it once a week. 42% update once a month or less. 7% update it once a year.

Why Not

The reasons vary from Limited staff time (46%), limited financial resources (41%), limited volunteer time (39%) and lack of interest or demand (35%,) keeping churches from providing more online content and services. - Church Marketing Sucks Other quotes of importance pertaining to this study:

"Social networking tools have become an integral part of most people’s daily lives and relationships," said Curtis Simmons, vice president for marketing and community at Fellowship Technologies. "If churches desire to connect with their congregation and community in meaningful ways, then they need to establish a strategy for actively engaging in the social media conversation. Thousands of individuals are sharing support and encouragement through these tools. The church needs to be an active participant in these conversations and connections." - Church Marketing Sucks

"Biblical community requires feet and faces, not only in retweets and fan pages," LifeWay Research Director Scott McConnell said. "But clearly social networking is a helpful tool to build and maintain community."

"Churches across the US were surveyed on their social media use by Christian-based digital marketing agency Buzzplant, and they revealed that even thousand-year-old institutions can get on the social media train. They surveyed 250 randomly selected churches across the United States on their stance towards social media."

"One of the most surprising findings of this survey was that churches believe social media is the most effective form of outreach available. Over 46 percent of those surveyed say that they prefer social to other forms of outreach, such as newspapers (14 percent), knocking on doors (25 percent) and TV (6 percent)." - All Twitter - August 2013


According to an infographic produced by Roar, 73.49% of high school ministries use social media. Thank goodness for a church’s presence on social media, since 88% of social media-using teens have witnessed other people be mean or cruel on social network sites. 45-54 year olds = the age group with the fastest growth! 25% of Americans will step into a church this weekend, the remaining 75% now has a greater chance of hearing the gospel because of social media."

If church members and seekers are spending their time online, the Church needs to be there too! Churches need to not only able to communicate with their church members online, but engage them online, as well.

While an Internet or a web ministry is not mandatory or absolutely needed to function, in today’s age churches that desire to truly reach their community will be in the process of both development and maintaining an Internet ministry. Just as Paul sent long distance letters to build and communicate with New Testament churches, not allowing the lack of face to face, person to person interaction to hinder him; neither should today's church. The church should use every tool available to reach others with the gospel of grace, including the Internet.

According to the Hartford Institute For Religion Research, the average church has 75 regular participants in worship on Sunday mornings, which is why many churches utilize Internet ministry and social media through the assistance of volunteers, or ‘servants of the most high God’ as World Prayr calls them. We know from experience that the challenge is not motivating people to volunteer, but rather keeping the volunteers.

Reach Your City

While web ministry should be about building dynamic, interactive activities and services thus expanding the churches reach, it becomes very difficult due to the lack of volunteers. This is why World Prayr has developed the “Strengthening The Local” program.

It is our hope and prayer that through this program a church will be able to accomplish the following:

  1. Strengthen the local body of believers.
  2. Help those churches who have neither the funds or the skills to develop such a presence.
  3. To be a ministry that is different by not not challenging the already taxed staff, but hopefully making their role and burden lighter. As a result, what we do will provide extra service, at no additional cost factor to these churches.
  4. Help churches reach those in their community with the gospel of grace.
  5. Help those local bodies find those individuals brothers or a sisters in Christ who may have become disconnected from the body for one reason or another by reconnecting them back to the body.
  6. Allow churches to reach those believers who not only may be disconnected from their local body, but also to give those who may be shut in, unable to attend such churches a place to serve, a place to use the gifts God has given them, a way to be a part of the work of the kingdom. There are those handicapped, without transportation, because of work hours that because of the expansion of a church’s online presence may actually have a place to live out the great commission.
  7. Through the purposes listed above we hope to help the local churches strengthen and build their community build HIS kingdom.
  8. We will do this by working with chosen local bodies by providing resources, skills and training needed to help them develop new or build a stronger online presence and an Internet ministry. Because we believe that not only is there a need to do Internet ministry, there is also a need to serve the local body in its efforts towards developing and maintaining that ministry.

      Find out what is currently happening in World Prayr

    As part of our "Strengthening The Local" program we recently started working with Connection Fellowship Church. We have been blessed to be able to serve them and support their efforts in this new program.

    We were most impressed when we saw that they had adopted what has long been a staple of World Prayr's own vision, that there would be "No Volunteers, Only "Servants Of The Most High God"." We saw that listed in the Pastor’s newly released vision for the year, which included: "No Volunteers, We Are Servants!"

    Not only did they make this part of their vision for the year, but they took it a step further and appointed a "Servant Of The Year" award. As part of that yearly award they gave the recipient a certificate and made a donation to a charity of their choice.

    Pastor David Lyles also washed the recipient’s feet. Here is a picture of Pastor David Lyles washing the feet of the "Servant Of The Year" - Joel Raines.

      Find out what is currently happening in World Prayr

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