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Because your gift provides resources to indigenous pastors.

Your gift's impact is multiplied because resources are placed into the hands of those who are leaders in their communities. Pastors who live & work in the community, where they know those in the community and are trusted by the community.

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Give Monthly To Support A Pastor

Below are the pastors that we work with and support. Each of them faces different hardships that make ministry difficult. Every $25.00 or $50.00 you give in the name of one of these pastors goes to the pastor
World Prayr supports Pastor Joseph Koech

Pastor Joseph Koech serves in the mountainous area of Kenya. Clean water is hard to come by and he has the only source of power within a hundred miles. He also serves as pastor over three churches.

$25.00 supplies Pastor Joseph with the funds needed to purchase gospel films.

$50.00 supplies Pastor Joseph with the funds needed every month to help those he ministers to maintain poultry farms.

Pastor Joseph Koech
World Prayr supports Pastor Kantharao Gorrepally

Pastor Kantharao Gorrepally serves as the president of two orphanages for the homeless children of India. He also pastors a church, takes monthly gospel tours and mentors over a dozen pastors. He labors consistently under the threat of goverment prosecution and people turning him into the local authorities.

$25.00 enables Kantharao to buy 7 Bibles.

$50.00 enables Kantharao to buy food for 10 people for three days.

Pastor Kantharao Gorrepally
World Prayr supports Pastor Shamsa Emmanuel

Shamsa Emmanuel serves the women and children of Pakistan. Women who often are the sole bread winner for their families. They labor at night by candlelight or open flame, because electricity is very expensive.

$25.00 enables Shamsa to buy stationary bags (notepad +pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, 1 pack of colors, stationary pouch). This material can be used as an incentive or for the activities they do.

$50.00 enables Shamsa to provide food for 5 individuals for 7 days.

Shamsa Emmanuel
World Prayr supports Pastor Larry Jarbah

Pastor Larry Jarbah serves in the slums and rural parts of Liberia. He does so separated from his family (Who are in Ghana.) and trusting God for resources to provide for both his church and family. Poverty is rampant in Liberia and resources are few.

$25.00 enables Pastor Larry to buy gas and tracts for weekly evangelistic outreach.

$50.00 enables Pastor Larry to feed 25 kids per day.

Larry Jarbah
World Prayr supports Pastor Thuam Suan

Pastor Nt Thuam Suan ministers in the country of Myanmar/Burma. He labors among the poor of his country. In an area where the families have no power to care for their children and little opportunity to earn. Most have been converted from Buddhism and now desire to learn more about the God who has saved them.

$25.00 enables Pastor Thuam to buy Sunday School materials, breads and candy for the Buddhist children. (Children who have converted to Christianity)

$50.00 enables Pastor Thuam to buy food items for 5 poor families in the area for one week.

Pastor Nt Thuam Suan
World Prayr supports Pastor Shah Talpur

Pastor Shah Talpur (Due to persecution we are unable to show his face or give his real name.) serves as the leading elder to three churches and oversees a Bible college. Often it is difficult for him to hold meetings or go out into the street due to political unrest. Christians are a persecuted minority in the part Southeast Asia he lives in, making life difficult for ministers like himself to spread the gospel and minister in other way.

$25.00 enables Pastor Shah to supply school supplies for a week.

$50.00 enables Pastor Shah to buy 50 people one meal.

Shah Talpur
Southeast Asia

Other Opportunities To Give

Because they have greater needs here are some other ways in which there lies an opportunity
to give today.

All prices include cost of book and shipping(Prices do not include Southeast Asia. Please contact us for cost in Southeast Asia).

  • $75.00 provides these pastors with 6 books translated into their language.
  • $125.00 provides these pastors with 10 books translated into their language.
  • $250.00 provides these pastors with 20 books translated into their language.
  • $500.00 provides these pastors with 40 books translated into their language.
  • $700.00 installs one solar unit in Kenya, Pakistan (2 Locations) and Myanmar.(See below for the cost in Liberia)

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Want to give in a BIG way, check out our larger projects below or just scroll past it to the donation form.

Opportunities To Provide Funding
For An Entire Project.

Following are projects we have yet to fund, thus providing the opportunity to get involved with a larger project.
Currently there are 8 projects ongoing between translation and solar.
Liberia Flag

This is an opportunity to provide solar units in Liberia.
One unit installed - $1385

Myanmar Flag

Provide the funding to pay a translator, print and ship books in Burmese for those living in Myanmar.
Fifty books - $1550.00


Provide the funding to pay a translator, print and ship books into Urdu for those living in Pakistan.
Fifty books - $1765.00

India Flag

Provide the funding to pay a translator, print and ship books in Telugu for those living in India.
Fifty books - $1510.00

Southeast Asia

Provide the funding to pay a translator, print and ship books in Thai for those living in Southeast Asia.
Fifty books - $1610.00

Kenya Flag

Provide the funding to pay a translator, print and ship books in Kiswahili for those living in Kenya.
Fifty books - $1485.00

Because every Gift Matters You Can Make A Difference In Each Community We Serve

There is no gift given that does not serve to take the gospel further and deeper. For the price of a meal out an entire community is impacted.

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Jamie Meredith Supports World Prayr
“There are so many great ministries to support financially. Why do we support World Prayr?
For one, I have the privilege to personally knowing the founders heart and passion for Christ. World Prayr goes far beyond the founders; it’s about the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the liberating message of His grace. The financial support we give makes a huge impact because it goes straight to the frontlines of churches and ministers spreading the gospel all over the globe.“
Jamie Meredith
Bernard McMahon Supports World Prayr
“I have the privilege to have worked with the founders of World Prayr since its launch and know their hearts and passion for Christ. At the centre of World Prayr’s vision is the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the liberating message of His grace throughout the world. We know that our gifts go directly into turnkey projects that provide resource churches and ministers spreading the gospel across the globe.”
Bernard McMahon
Robbin Broome Supports World Prayr
“We support World Prayr because it allows pastors to continue ministering to their people and spreading Gods love to the ones they do life with everyday. That is their calling and supplying their needs is our calling. ”
Robbin Broome
Linda Estes Supports World Prayr
”It is a blessing to me to support World Prayr as they carry out the Great Commission… Matthew 28:19. Showing accountability for how donations are spent has been important to me. I love their transparency.”
Linda Estes

Currently Working On

Here are some of our ongoing projects and plan for the upcoming years.
Continue Equipping Pastors
More Translation Projects
Expansion of Renewable Energy Projects
Helping Pastors Gain Clean Water
Enabling Pastors To Gain Financial Stability

Get Involved

We are always looking for others who are willing to give of their time to join us in our endeavors to be vessels of grace as we endeavor to help Christians thrive in communities and dive deeper into the gospel of grace.