Reconnecting a Broken World

We provide resources that enable Christians to thrive in communities and dive deeper into the gospel of grace.


Helping others discover that all of life's answers are found in Christ's Declaration of “It Is Finished?”

Through combining our stories with Christians around the world, we are able to join them on a gospel awareness odyssey. Enabling all to Freedive deeper into the gospel to see the beauty of, “as it is in heaven, so it is on earth.”

“I am thankful for the pastoral relationships I have been able to build through World Prayr globally. I have gained more understanding and sharpening in applying the gospel in my teaching and life.”
- Shah Talpur, Persecuted Southeast Asia

Whatever You Do

Were you aware that indigenous pastors do not have the resources to bring the radical beauty of the gospel to their communities? We are laboring to meet those needs through the following ways.



We provide Bibles, devotional and pastoral books, as well as laptops to better equip pastors and teachers.



As we foster relationships driven by the gospel, we encourage pastors through bible studies and one-to-one meetings.



We translate books into other languages to provide resources for pastors and teachers in their native tongue.


Solar Power

We provide solar power for indigenous parts of the world to advance the spread of the gospel.

Through the years over 200 different servants have served others, worked to build the kingdom through "Reconnecting a Broken World."
Has reached into the four major protestant denominations and 18 countries, including China
The resources provided has impacted over 100,000 people worldwide

The Beauty Of The Gospel

Is That All Hope Is Found Away From Oneself In Another!

We are on an ever-growing gospel awareness odyssey reconnecting and helping others reconnect to a love once known. In doing so we are discovering that the beautiful gospel tells us that we are
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Loved with a passionate, no comprising, unconditional, relentless love
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Brought into a romance of grace where we are greatly desired.
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Known, counted, enough and that all of our answers end at the cross.
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Able to live from being loved, rather than searching for love, in order to love.
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What God says about us and that outweighs what we think about God.
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The Good News Of The Gospel

Reconnecting To The Relationship We were Designed For

AS we journey to a kingdom beyond us we're endeavoring to enable all to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the depth of the good, good beautiful gospel.

Discover More About The Gospel

Bearing Fruit In Every Good Work!

Paul prayed that the Colossians would bear fruit in every good work and that he was proud of what Christ did through him. These are some of the stories and testimonies of God's good fruit.

The body of Christ is Ohana for the World Prayr team.

Hawaiians use this word to describe the intentionality and depth of love for the one-on-one relationships they have, whether those are blood or non-blood family members. In Christ, all those called the bride of Christ are Ohana.


We serve by encouraging His Church in going deeper in the Gospel.

“Through the truth found in the message of World Prayr my relationship with Christ has soared. My understanding of the depth of His love and sacrifice for me on the cross is now felt much deeper. My gratitude to Him for His sacrifice is now ever-present.” – ERU


We join His Church in praying for His glory and the ultimate good of His people.

“I was able to tell her everything. I shared every detail, every worry. I just cried and cried. The servant at World Prayr prayed with me, urged me to share with my church and bible study classes, and good friends. I did this and was pleasantly – unexpectedly – relieved. The proverbial weight was lifted off my shoulders. Through all this, this servant and WP have been a constant source of strength and prayer”. – Michelle.


We provide resources to fulfill the needs of our brothers and sisters worldwide.

“I am blessed to be serving at World Prayr because World Prayr is a ministry made up of many others – from all over the world – who have come together in his service. At World Prayr, I am not serving God where I am – but where He is. God saved me so that I may serve Him and that is the most precious blessing of all.” – M.L.

Our Myanmar Translation Project

Our Myanmar Project Has Been Completed and The Books Have Arrived.

We have another successful completed project story to share. Our Myanmar project reveals the difference it makes in a community when a project is finished and the books arrive.

Read The Story
Myanmar Translation Project

More Stories Of Impact from Our Ohana

Image accompanying Circle testimonial


Computers, books, donations and other resources were sent to 12 different countries in 2018.

See The Impact Sending Resources Is Having
Image accompanying Circle testimonial


Through the coordinated efforts of Energion Publications and World Prayr Dave Black’s 7 Marks of a New Testament Church was translated French for over 90 pastors in Haiti.

Read About This Story And Others
Image accompanying Circle testimonial

Solar Power

In 2018 World Prayr placed a solar powered generator into an area thereby placing the only source of electricity into a surrounding area of over 100 miles wide.

See How Renewable Energy Is Making Gospel Impact

Journeying with Our Ohana

See how WorldPrayr has blessed the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ worldwide.

Get Involved

We are always looking for others who are willing to give of their time to join us in our endeavors to be vessels of grace as we endeavor to help Christians thrive in communities and dive deeper into the gospel of grace.