Big King Minded

We like to think Big Kingdom, God’s kingdom, instead of territorial. As we strive to outdo in showing honor and love.



Who are taking the depth and beauty of the gospel further in non-traditional methods and means.

In 2009, it was not uncommon for us to hear statements like,
"I just don't see how Facebook could be a real ministry."
Nonetheless, being early pioneers in online ministry, we were able to establish digital footprints. In doing so, we built relationships with pastors all over the globe. Those footprints are now allowing us to join others pioneers in a new way of doing missions. As we work to serve pastors that already have networks in their home country by helping them gain the resources they need.

Compelled by the Gospel

We strive to serve with values that are consistent to the Gospel, that is the sufficiency of the work of Christ and His measurable grace bestowed upon His Church.

Across the globe we have seen a deep need for a message that goes beyond the moralistic, relativistic, blue-collar prosperity message. A message that follows the biblical model in which over and over again we are reminded of the richness of GRACE.

A message that does more than just provide feed for the idols we all struggle with. That message just tells the performance addicts how to control by performing, and it tells the people pleasing addicts that they can gain pleasure through doing that those things others say is necessary.
Serving by laboring as Paul did on the behalf of the gospel for the sake of others in order that they have access to needed resources that enable them with the ability to spread this message. As our Ohana joins a global Ohana in coming to an understanding of the depth, width, and breadth of God’s love.
We worship by joining others in discovering a gospel that awakens to deeper, life-giving, transformational truths. As we help others see that in Christ real worship is a growing empowerment and enablement of one’s ability to freely dive deeper into the gospel of grace.
Crossing denominational barriers while holding onto to the essentials, we serve with an attitude that no man is greater than another. Purposed efforts are made through praying, serving, teaching, and providing accessibility to resources in order to make life changing truths accessible. Truths that enable others to discover the depth, height, width of God’s love. World Prayr believes these efforts lead to “Reconnecting A Broken World.”

Foundational Verses

God's Word is the foundation of our ministry, therefore it is only fitting that it steers our all that WorldPrayr does

Go Deep (Eph 1:1-23)

Always BEDO (1 Cor. 1:30)

Ohana (John 13:35)

Other’s burdens (Gal. 6:2)

Servants (Romans 6:10)

Not Territorial (Eph. 4:16)

Big Kingdom (Matthew 6:10)

Across Lines (1 Cor. 12:12)

One-on-One (Prov. 11:30)

The Least (Mat. 25:40-45)

No One Greater (Rom.14:11)

Except HIM (Phil.2:10-11)


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