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World Prayr is a unique, exclusively On-line, Global ministry team seeking out those who need mentoring, prayer and counseling coupled with foundational Biblical teachings; then reconnecting them to an offline local church and/or to a body of fellow believers.

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"Hello World Prayr team I just wanted to say that your ministry is such an inspiration to me. I remember a few years ago I was going through a very tough time and I came across your website and I submitted a prayer request and thankfully you guys blessed me with a prayer."
"Thank you so much, I truly appreciate everything you guys have done. A week and a half ago two of my family members attended church with me and accepted Christ as their savior. This is truly a testament of the power of prayer. God Bless."
"Thank you for the prayers- I've decided to keep the baby."
"I had just got through praying those words and then you post this. Isn't God amazing!"
"That's a super nice thing to share on Twitter. Thanks 4 being people who care about others, regardless of their beliefs or yours."
"Thank you for always being there for us and for never failing to pray for/with us anytime we need it. God Bless!"

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