Together We Are Making A Difference

One life, one impact means as much as a thousand to us, though we reach thousands weekly.

Changing The Game By Being Self-Supported
Over 6 million dollars given between funds and hours donated through those serving in the ministry since its start
Our founder had a heart for the gospel and to help others
Founder was deaf, had no connections, no money, no resources, was not backed by a bigger ministry, huge financial donors or a big church
Creating Impact both online and off
After creating impact through digital ministry and through supporting other ministries, now they are impacting churches, globally.

Project Ohana

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Launched in 2018
After impacting 100,000 virtually through the years years in 2018 the team moved from a completely self-supported model to a donational model in order to create more impact.
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Bigger Steps
As relationships were built globally with indigenous pastors it was seen that the next step needed to be taken in order to have greater impact in meeting the growing need.
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Projects Funded
We have contributed to numerous projects such as book translation, solar power implementation, and rebuilding churches.
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Countries Impacted
We have served pastors from Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Malypan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Liberia, Ghana, and USA.


Our First Book

Our first book, Walking in God's Grace aims to answer questions regarding God's immense grace and how it relates to our daily life.

First published in 2014
Reaches into the four major protestant denominations and 18 countries, including China
Written material and teaching being used from pulpits and small groups around the world
Doors being opened globally to train and mentor pastors regarding the central message of World Prayr

As of 2021,

the ministry has advanced in the following ways by God’s grace.

Distributed over 7000 books in 8 countries
4 Countries Impacted with Solar Power
2 Countries Impacted with Shallow Wells
Sponsored over a dozen conferences
Continued the weekly pastor's Bible Study

Pastors Impacted
Churches impacted
Children Impacted

2022 and Beyond

Here are some of our ongoing projects and plan for the upcoming years.
Continue Equipping Pastors
More Translation Projects
Wider Book Distribution
Working on New Books
Expansion of renewable solar energy projects


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