Ministering Resources for His Glory

Read how we supported various ministries from 12 countries in 2018.

Four Quick Stories

The following is a brief description of what we, by God's grace, have been enabled to achieve so that we may equip our brothers and sisters worldwide as fellow ministers of the Gospel.

Computer Needed

Our pastor in Liberia had no research tools and little availability with internet access, making sermon prep and teaching difficult for him. He also had no power source in order to charge his laptop. We purchased a laptop and loaded it with Bible Software. Along with teaching videos and e-books, then shipped it. When we shipped that we also shipped him a solar power charger to ensure he could keep the laptop, and his phone charged.

Bibles and Bible Needed

Pastor Joseph Koech is the pastor to the pastors in World Prayr. We ask that all pastors that the ministry labors to serve to develop a relationship with Joseph. Joseph has been with us for seven to eight years now. He started serving in the ministry long before we even begun supplying resources to other pastors.

Faithfully, he volunteered his time to serve others through praying and encouraging them, never asking for anything. Joseph has always been far more interested in relationship, spreading the message of the gospel of grace and connecting others to the ohana of World Prayr than he has in what he could receive. Recently, we had the opportunity to send to members of Joseph's church Bibles and Joseph his first leather Bible. As we sent a leather ESV study Bible to Joseph.

Transportation Provided

As noted, Pastor Joseph Koech as a result of his years of dedication is not only part of our executive staff but very beloved by the leadership of World Prayr. Joseph for years has wanted some form of transportation other than his two feet. Recently, we had the opportunity to enable Joseph to obtain a motorbike... After we helped him obtain it; we learned that he did not know how to ride one. Since then he has become quite efficient at riding it. As he serves as senior pastor to three different church and a roving missionary of the gospel of grace.

Christmas For Children

World Prayr had the privilege of working with one of our missionary pastors to help fund a children's program. This missionary has also been a longtime faithful servant for World Prayr. What a graced blessing it was to be able to give to the children this missionary serve a Christmas.

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