Solar Projects

Read how we provide electricity to houses to widen the proclamation of the gospel.

Solar Projects

Solar for Myanmar

Can you imagine being limited as to when you can read the bible? What feelings would it embark in you if you didn't have enough light to take care of your newborn at night? For the U Than Win family this was not something they had to imagine but a reality they lived with.

"We are very very happy for installing solar power in our house. We can read the bible and do anything at night since we have solar power."

- U Than Win, family

Solar for Pakistan

In western countries if the power goes off for ten minutes, we're dialing the Power Company's number. In eastern countries though either they do not have power, or they can go long periods of time without it, especially in the hottest weather. In Pakistan Bible classes, Sunday school and church are often canceled as a result.

By God's grace, the solar panel donated by World Prayr is a great blessing and resource for both our "Ministry to Women and Orphans, PK", and "Emmanuel's Translation Service."

Here in Pakistan, the electric power is often shut off. In order to save on electricity, hindering our work in the past. Now, however, our Sunday School, Church Service, English Learning Class and the Translation Work have not been interrupted despite load shedding. This minimizes our electric bill, saving our financial resources to go directly into providing others the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. We give all praise & glory to Him.

- Shamsa Emmanuel, Indigenous Pakistan Missionary

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